My Thoughts on Spider Man (PS4 Version)

By: Kaleb Anderson

Spider Man PS4 is an open world adventure game designed by Insomniac Games and released exclusively on the PS4. The game is getting a lot of praise and likes for the main story which I personally agree with. The main story has more of a feel of a Spiderman movie than a Spiderman game. Most spiderman games aren't that good like the Amazing Spider Man 2 video game that had graphics that were… not the greatest in the world.

Spider Man PS4 is kind of like the Batman Arkham games but with more story and missions. When you have completed the game at 100%, (which i have 2 times) there is still things to do. There is crimes that randomly happen at any time that you can stop and there is 50 secret Photo ops (which i have found twice) which unlock a special suit. The story starts with Spiderman having to go and fight Wilson Fisk who is the first villain of the game. This ends out turning bad for him because he didn't pay his rent that was due and gets evicted a couple of days later. This shows that there are consequences in this game and makes this feel more realistic and grounded.

Spiderman PS4 main issue is the the PS4 part. Not a lot of people have a PS4 some people use an xbox or a PC. I understand that there is no box version because there competition but a PC version would have never even bought a PS4. Otherwise than that, I enjoyed the Spiderman game and I can’t wait for Spider Man 2. I’d rate this game a 9/10. Pretty great but has some problems.

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