What I see


A tiny ray of light shimmered through my window forcing my eyes to open. Light rarely shines through all the buildings in my town, but when it does, it gives me a small inkling of hope. Hope, that one day everyone will wake up from this horrible dream. Ever since the US hit over 1 billion people living there and wouldn’t go down, the Peace Makers started thinking of ways to get the number back down to 300 million. The Peace Makers are an organization of people that took over the US government and completely wiped us off the word map. No one knows why or how this happened to the government, but ever since then our world has been “perfect.” But the truth is, it’s not perfect. A couple months after The Peace Makers took charge and changed our laws, and made us all “perfect” everyone went crazy. People couldn’t fly to other places to get out since all airports were demolished, no one could go to the beach because they could try to swim away from our land, and people couldn’t even order a coffee in a civilized fashion! People tried everything they could to get us back to normal but nothing worked. The Peace Makers just sat and watched everyone crumble into tiny pieces of what they used to be. We went into a war with ourselves. Our “perfect” world had broken in only months. So The Peace Makers took an unexpected approach to the War on ourselves. The decided to bring everyone together and have us watch a documentary of how our new world is better. But little did anyone know, we were all being taken to our new “perfect” world. The Peace Makers realized the war would never stop so they forced us into a small space and took us away as we watched a documentary that just explained how we should act. The minute the doors opened our new world began. And now we all live in harmony don’t know what really goes on being closed doors.

Sarah Xander1 Comment