Meme Busters: Sanic

Meme Busters is a series produced by Alexander Stafford and takes ideas from modern culture to make something great.

Marbles, in her new form, couldn’t sleep, so, Marbles decided to go for a walk. Marbles ended up not getting to far before Henry called for her, so she teleported, growled, and went back to bed, but still didn’t have the chance to sleep, due to being half ghost. Marbles ended up getting out of the treehouse, but with many failed attempts under her belt. Marbles saw many memes, but she just barked, and teleported away, until she saw one of the first popular memes, Sanic. As she barked, she was tackled by the powerful meme. Then, once again, Marbles woke up somewhere, alone.

Then, Henry woke up.

Henry was as sad as the first time worried, even if he knew Marbles could easily handle herself. Henry ran out, even if he knew everyone should go in pairs, he still went, saw a child's drawing like blur, than nothing. Henry suspected to wake up to Marbles, but he opened his eyes, and saw Nathan. “Yo nerd!!! You’re a really smart kid, but running after a half-dog, half-ghost is not really the best plan. I stunned that stupid kids drawing, woke you up, and then knocked you out with a crowbar so you wouldn’t run away.” said Nathan. I was incredibly confused, then I saw Nathan smile, and hit me in the face with a crowbar. I guess then was so close to now, some of it went over to the future. I woke up, slapped Nathan, and went to find my dog. Sanic was buzzing by, and I was hoping for it to catch me. Then, I saw my dog. Apparently we were in some distorted Youtube video. “HOW 2 DRAW SANIC HEGEHOG” I saw as the title of this cringy video. The layout around the video seemed much more, “retro” than the now layout of Youtube. I saw MS Paint, and the process of drawing Sanic. Very valuable information. As I was looking at this stuff, I started to get sucked into this screen. Marbles tried to save me. Marbles failed. I was stuck in the youtube screen, in one of the other thumbnails. I kept my memories, but I was trapped. I saw Marbles curled up on one of the chairs. Marbles just sat, wanting to stay with me, and I knew that she would always want to stay with me, even if I couldn’t even be in the same dimension with her. I wanted her to help me, but she just sat down, not doing anything.

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