Orcish Invasion


“Hayah!” The sound of steel hitting wood rang through the clearing with a solid thwack. “Hayah!” A strained grunt echoed, followed by the silver flash of a sword sinking into the soft, flesh like material of the mannequin. “You’re far to angry,” Even though the voice was quiet, it commanded attention. There was only one person it could have belonged to. The drillmaster. “Slow down and get it right” Quinn abruptly froze, his arm raised above his head, and spun around, immediately recognising the voice. Lowering his practice sword, he flashed a cocky grin. “You always say that, but you know very well that i’m the best here.” he said, gesturing at the students practicing similar routines around him. Through Quinn’s overconfident boasting, the drillmaster only frowned. “You won’t make a good commander, you might as well pack your bags and leave.” The drillmaster was cold and calculating, watching emotionlessly as Quinn’s expression crumpled. “W-what? You can’t be serious?” Quinn shook his head, his voice cracking with disbelief. The drillmasters only reply was somber, “All of the most powerful commanders always believe they have the ability to hone and improve their skills. Obviously you are not fit for these positions.” With those words he turned his back. Quinn was left staring incredulously at the drillmasters back until he jarred himself back into action. “I will not tolerate being treated this way!” he cried out angrily. “I will improve whether it is under your protection or not!” The sword which had hung loosely at his side had swung up, settled with the tip pricking the small of his back. The moment the point of Quinn’s double edged sword had touched the drillmaster, he’d gone completely still. His body language was unreadable, Quinn could only hope he hadn’t just thrown away his life with a temper tantrum. The drillmaster slowly spun on his heel making Quinn fearfully pull back his sword. Turing around the drillmaster revealed the sly smile sitting on his face. “Now that was the determination, we need.” Quinn was dumbfounded, completely astonished by the drillmasters reaction. “Really?” “Of course,” was the reply, “now follow me.” The seriousness in his voice had returned. Walking close behind the drillmaster Quinn followed him through a small winding forest path. Quinn was watching his feet as he walked to avoid tripping over small roots and stones, subsequently he crashed into the drill masters firm back. Stumbling back, he took in his surroundings. There was a large clearing lined with small flowers, in the center a wooden cottage which looked bareley big enough to contain one room. The drillmaster had already stepped into the clearing, confidently walking towards the little cabin. Quinn tentatively followed, stopping in front of the open door. The contents of the one room were not what he expected. There were rows of other students the kid in a chair and put a peer across from him, then he brought a chess board and said “play.’’ What ?“, said the student “I haven't practiced chess at all yet.” The drill master said “Really? Well then you will play a game every day until you win then you will play me every day until you win that, then we will study the strategies of war.” After that we may be able to make a geral of you, Quinn.”


“Lieutenant go forth with your army and strike down the enemy, we will come round in a flank and wipe out their ranged support.” “Yes sir Quinn I shall go and strike them down to the ground.” As he said this, a loud horn drowned out everything in the battlefield and the horizon lit up with torches signaling the approach of the army from Yorkshire. “Men ready your weapons capitan set up a line on spears to defend from cavalry I will still go for a flank and take out their bowmen while you get ready to fight. By evening the field that look pristen in the morning was littered with bodies and you could smell the stench of blood in the air as vultures feed on the corpses relishing the death that lavished the landscape, in the distance the battle still raged and men ran at the battle trying to make sure that the opposition had no men left over. The lieutenants tried to make order of the chaos that had enveloped the field, as their men started to regroup a volley of flaming arrows streaked out of the sky from over the hill where they came from a army of of orcs aros and began to charge with no other options a three way war emerged and the generals from both sides were force into the mix. As Quinn slashed, jabed and struck down foe after foe, The Orcs Lord, Gral, started to fight his way toward quinn to try and stop his reign of terror. Xalvador the leader of the army from yorkshire also worked his way over hoping that with them eliminated there armys would become leaderless, thus unorganised,thus easy to finish off. This created a three man battle which no one dared to go near for fear of dying a swift death from the speeding swords which seemed to defy physics. As this battle continued the army's all began to thin out until it was just the three who had been battling for hours. They began to tier as the duel wore on, Grak began to gain the advantage and was able to divert his eyes for a second so he could pick up a second mace. This was all he needed to give him the win he then started to take them both on as they diverted the little attention they were giving each other and just focused on not being crushed by the weapons of the towering orc. Grak was able to disarm Xalvador, and almost crushed him as he rolled to avoid it. A thought flashed through Quinns mind and the tossed xalvador a shield followed by a sword and yelled “I can't kill this beast by myself.” Xalvador jumped to his feet and they began to work together and Xalvador was almost able to stab Grak, forcing him to use both maces to block his strike a split second to late he realised that this left his right flank open for quinns blade to slit his abdomen open to quinns blade. He then took a few quick steps back and chucked his maces at his opponents and then turned tail and ran while clutching his injury trying to stanch the flow of blood. So What's your name fine Warrior” said Quinn. “Xalvador, and you?” “Quinn, it has been a pleasure fighting with you but I hope we never meet again although… Do you think there have been other attacks?” “Oh I sure hope not because this was most of our army” “Same” Quinn admitted. “Well then here is my one of my hawks take it and send it to me if needed, ok?” said Xalvador. “Ok, here's one of mine but only send it back if your in dire need of help, alright?” “Got it.”


As Quinn galloped on his trusty steed, Tempest, he saw smoke in the distance coming from the center of the city that he was galloping towards was, horrid thoughts raced through his mind about what could have happened to the city. The only thing that could distract his mind was the click clack click clack of the horses hooves on the hard packed road. When he reached the city there were burning houses and fallen civilians lying limp on the ground. Of in the distance he heard a wailing of people mourning the dead. He made his way through the ruble to the small group of soldiers and mourners. When he got there he found that they were huddled in the one stone building in the city, The Town Hall. “Squire!” yelled Quinn at the top of his lungs. A few men stopped what they were doing for a second before turning back their tasks. Then a man walked out of the burnt remains of The Town Hall and said “What do want?” “Well first of all you should treat me with respect considering I´m Lord Quinn from Skelder.” The man seemed to react a little then quickly reign himself in and act like it hadn't made an impression. “And secondly, what happened here” “Well an army of orcs came from the north and wiped out our small malitsha while we were stuck in our houses under the ruble. After the orcs left us all for dead a few civilians had hid and were able to get us out after that we set up camp in the town hall. We sent some people to get help but its been a month and the next town is 4 days away We are pretty sure they're dead now. Now what do you want from us?’’ “A pen.” Quinn said. After giving Quinn a quizzical look he gave him a quill and some ink. Quinn sat down and got to work writing his letter. Dear Xalvador, We are in a dire situation the orcs have taken out many cities from the north and have destroyed our previous fortifications

            Help, Quinn

Xalvador saw his bird fly towards him, he reached out and grabbed the note. He then tossed his note in the trash and wrote, same, then sent the bird back with the note.

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