Meme Busters: Dat Boi 10+

Meme Busters is a series produced by Alexander Stafford and takes ideas from modern culture to make something great.

After Nathan, Henry, and Drew’s adventures, Cheese and Betty felt left out, so as everyone was sleeping, they made a plan to get out of bed to capture many more memes. As they got out of bed, Marbles woke up, looked them straight in the eyes, then went back to sleep. Cheese and Betty were off to a good start, grabbing some memes in a net. They then heard something. “Here come dat boi.” They ran. He told them about him. Dat boi was dangerous, Cheese looked back and saw something. Betty was gone, and we saw a trail of blood, it was dat boi. Cheese dropped his bag of memes. At least the bag was tied. Cheese left the bag of memes and ran everywhere. He couldn’t find her. It was the next day and he never stopped searching. He looked and looked and never stopped. He collapsed. He was tired and hungry. He want to eat. He wanted to sleep. But to me, Betty was more important than all of that. I stood up, he knew she wouldn’t hear anything he said, but he said it anyway, “My name is Chris, my friends call me Cheese. I’m looking for my best friend Betty. No, she’s not my best friend. I love her, so you could say she’s my crush. Please, Betty, if you hear me, please, at least call to me!” Cheese repeated this, not stopping until he couldn’t speak anymore. He heard no response. I collapsed and started to tear up. Then I heard something. I grew hopeful. “Hey Nerd, what are you doing here.” yelled Nathan. Nathan threw him and leg of chicken. “Found this over at dinner. Think you need it. Heard you screaming about Betty or something. Didn’t hear much else though. Is she lost. I’ll help you look for her. We have a car y’know.” I ran. I wanted to find her myself. I didn’t even have time to take the chicken leg. Until, well, I broke my leg. I collapsed and Nathan walked up and said some mumbo jumbo about helping me. I woke up in the car. Nathan was driving and I heard nothing. I saw a banged up woman, she lost an ear, didn’t distract from the beauty, but the amount of blood did. “Kiss her nerd. It’s your little crush, Betty. Saw her with some frog. Nearly died. We have the frog. She’s passed out. She won’t know.” I refused. I wanted her to be okay with it before I kissed her. It would be wrong to kiss her now. Then she woke up, and kissed me. “I love you too.” Betty whispered, before she passed out. I smiled, then passed out too.

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Betty and Cheese go out to capture memes, but they meet some weird new powerful meme.

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