Chapter 5; The Guardians of Power & The Boom Of Time

Chapter 5 - Issues




Kyle eats his food, ignoring the conversation going on around him. That was his plan. Don’t say or add to the conversation and everything would be fine. No arguments would break out and he would keep his feelings in check. Meaning he wouldn’t combust into flames which seems to happen when he thinks about Aunt Josephine. But, there’s a reason why that was his plan.


“So…. Kyle. Have you changed your mind on going to that demon of a school you call Yale?” Aunt Josephine asks. A look close to hunger in her eyes. ‘What’s her deal? I’m not saying anything to her!’ Kyle thinks in his head. ‘Just be polite and it’ll all be over.’


“No ma’am. I’m set on going to Yale. It’s been my dream since I was younger.” Kyle says, looking down at his plate.


“Young man,” Aunt Josephine began sharply “You will look at me in the face when speaking to me. “ Kyle looks up and resists the urge to make a face.  ‘Stay calm. Stay calm’ Kyle thinks in his head.


“Yes ma’am.” Kyle says through gritted teeth.


“Honestly I don’t know why you obsess over a stupid school like Yale. Harvard would be a much better choice. Plus, the Goodwins have been going to Harvard since it first opened. We were one of the main money donors that helped give that school life.” Aunt Josephine says with a smug expression.


“I don’t care.” Kyle mutters under his breath quietly. Well, not quietly enough.


“Young man! You need to learn to respect your elders!” Aunt Josephine yells, her face the color of a ripe tomato. At that moment, something snapped inside of Kyle, he was done with Aunt Josephine.


“No.” The word sounded hollow out of Kyle's mouth. The room temperature started rising unexpectedly but Kyle didn’t notice. A familiar tingling sensation entered his fingers when Aunt Josephine's plate and napkin lit on fire. She screamed and started waving the napkin around. Kyle almost found it funny until he saw the twins faces. They looked terrified and in awe all at the same time. Kyle then looked at Avani who was staring right back at him. She looked livid. Which, Kyle thought, is rightfully so. Sighing he focused on the fire, more importantly, he focused on it becoming one with him. In a flash, the fire was gone and all that was left was a burned up napkin and burned food.


“I’m going to my room.” Kyle said  quietly. He got up, pushed his chair in, and walked towards the stairs. In the last second he looked back behind him. Everyone was focused on Aunt Josephine, making Kyle feel guilty for what he did. Kyle ran  up the stairs to his room. He shut and locked the door, then unlatched the window. He opened it and felt the night breeze. It felt nice and cool on his now sweating figure. Deciding he wanted to talk, he put on his shoes and a jacket.


Kyle climbed out of the window and onto the roof. He shut the window then climbed down to the ground, then he started running through the woods, using the last of the sunlight to help him see. Kyle’s not a stalker, but he had followed Celeste home once because of a weird connection he felt with her. Finally coming out of the woods, he ran down one road after another, not feeling the least bit cold. ‘The cold never bothered me anyway.’ Kyle sang in his head as he ran.


After a couple minutes, he arrived at his destination. The big, black house at the end of the street that all the neighborhood kids avoid. Walking around the back, Kyle looked up to a window on the second floor that had its lights on. He could see the top of Celeste’s head. Smiling he bent down and picked up a pebble. Praying that no one else would look, Kyle chucked the pebble at Celeste’s window. ‘Ugh this is so cliche.’ Kyle groans in his head as he waves his arms to get the attention of Celeste.


Celeste didn’t notice Kyle so this time he grabs a bigger rock. Right before he chucks it, Kyle realizes that this could break her window so he drops it onto the ground. ‘Time for plan risky.’ Kyle says in his head. ‘I guess this will help me learn how to control my powers.’ He shrugs and does a quick shake of his hands. Kyle then starts lighting his palms on fire, but very controlled, then absorbs it. He repeats the a couple of times before he starts doing it while waving his hands around everywhere.


“Come on…. Come on!” Kyle mumbles under his breath. He starts to wonder if he should go home when he hears the familiar sound of a window opening.


“Kyle?!?! What the heck? What the heck are you doing here? How did you know I live here?” Celeste keeps asking question after question, not giving any moment to for Kyle to answer them. He hears other voices and it looks like Celeste is losing an argument. “Whatever. Kyle would you like to come in?” Celeste asks, looking tired


“Yes please.” Kyle responds. He runs over to the house and starts to climb it. It doesn’t take too long for Kyle to make it to Celest’s window. He has some experience of climbing houses since he sneaks out of his house all the time. Didn’t expect that, did you?


“I’m not even going to ask.” Celeste says as she sits down in a chair. It was just the average chair that you would find in any teenagers room. “Take a seat Kyle.” She says as she waves her arms around her room. Kyle opts to sit on the floor.


“Kyle, what are you doing here? Didn’t you and Avani have that family dinner with that one aunt that you hate?” Celeste asks as she looks curiously at Kyle.


“Yeah… that’s kind of why I’m here. I need someone to talk to. And I can’t talk to Avani because she loves Aunt J so she ignores the bad qualities of her.” Kyle says looking down at his hands.


“Well, talk away. I’ll be your person.” Celeste says. Smiling. At that, Kyle just lets everything out. It’s like a dam had broke. Afterwards he felt better, and Celeste just shook her head.


“So you decided to follow me home one day? That’s just creepy.” Celeste says rubbing her arms.


“I know... I’m sorry? Anyway, what do I do? If that happens again I could put innocent people in danger… heck I could’ve killed someone!” Kyle exclaims throwing his hands in the air.


“Ok… then we’ll… just have to practice. We can bring this up to the group and we could all practice our powers together.” Celeste says with a small smile. “Anyway I wanted to talk to you  about something too… you just have to promise not to tell anyone until I’m ready. Ok?” She says looking a little nervous.


“Yeah... ok.” Kyle says, nodding his head.




“Yeah… ok.” Celeste hears Kyle say. Taking in a deep breath, Celeste thinks back to a couple of hours ago.


“Where do I begin?” Celeste mutters.



“Celeste!” Celeste eyes are blurry with tears as she runs up to two very familiar people who she never thought she would see again. Charlie Rhode and Jessica Starr, alive and right in front of her. Celeste gets tackled into the ground by the two other girls, who were also sobbing. They looked just like they had the day they disappeared, they just looked older.


“Oh my gods… how the heck are you alive… I-I-I mean I th-thought you d-d-died right in front of me.” Celeste managed to get out in between sobs.


“I honestly don’t know.” Charlie said with her southern twang. She was smiling while tears were dripping down her face.


“The book!” Celeste murmured under her breath Shaking her head she started drying her face with her hands. “We should go before anyone notices you two. You’ve been missing for two years… everyone will practically know who you are.”


“It’s been two years?” Jessica whispered covering her mouth with her hand.


“What about my parents. Heck Celeste I don’t even remember this place. Where are we?” Charlie had a scared look on her face.


“We’re at Woodrow High in Dylann County… don’t you remember?” Celeste asks. They were in her head, of course they should remember.


“Oh yeah!” Jessica says with a smile. There was something in her eyes though… a look of evil almost. ‘Don’t trust her!’ A voice almost sounding like Jessica appeared in her head for about maybe a second. ‘It’s not us.. Remember us Celes-’ the voice that gets cut off sounds like Charlie.


“Hey! Celeste! People are starting to stare at us. Not that I don’t miss the spotlight, but it’s a little weird.” Jessica said with a small smile. Her voice though, it almost had a dark undertone. Jessica also had that darkish look in her eyes. ‘No…. it’s just my imagination.’ Celeste thinks in her head.


“Well, we can walk to my house.” Celeste says, grabbing the other two girls arms and dragging them with her. She sighs, realizing that she’s going to have to walk home, since she usually takes the bus home. “Come on you two, this way.” Celeste says pointing to the forest, the usual shortcut home when she misses the bus.


“So, how’ve you guys been the last two years?” Celeste asks, hoping to trip them up and see if their really who they claim to be.


“Oh you know, here and there.” Charlie says sarcastically.


“Celeste, you know where we’ve been.” Jessica cries waving her hands in the air. “Do you know how uncomfortable it’s been, being trapped in this costume of an ANGEL! For crying out loud, why would my thirteen year old self dress up as that?! And in wedges no less.” Jessica grumbles that last part.


“Well, clearly I was thinking ahead.” Charlie says triumphantly. “Going as the devil… all I had to wear was red horns, a tail, and hold a trident. Clearly you can tell that I’m wearing a leather jacket and some combat boots.” Charlie says, looking down at her outfit.


“Haha, I remember that.” Celeste says, stepping over a log. “I was a witch, and I wore a cloak with a pretty black staff. I specialized in dark magic.” She says with a smirk. They fell into a comfortable silence while walking to Celeste’s house. ‘Some birthday that was’ Celeste thinks, her smile falling. When they arrived Jessica looked like she was having a heart attack.


“How the heck did your family make this house look so depressing?!?!” Jessica asks shaking her head in disbelief.


“SHHHHH!!!” Charlie silences Jessica by putting her hand over Jessica’s mouth. Celeste smile’s at her friends antics, she missed this. This was surprising to Celeste, seeing as she was told that if she didn’t return the book of time, then Celeste would never see Jessica or Charlie again. Celeste shivers, she finally got the feeling of being cold.


Walking over to the house, Celeste takes her keys out of her backpack. She puts her right ear up against the door. Celeste hears nothing besides the crickets that are outside the house. Putting her key in the bolt lock, Celeste turns it to the right, hearing a satisfying click. The, she pulls it out and put it in the lock on the doorknob, also twisting to the right. Celeste then opens the door whilst putting her keys back in her backpack.


“It’s even worse on the inside!” Jessica shrieks echo throughout the house. Both Charlie and Celeste shush her, Charlie shushes Jessica out of annoyance and Celeste does it out of fear. Celeste doesn’t hear a response from inside the house, making her sigh in relief. ‘That means I don’t have much time. Mom must have gone to the school right when we left.’ Celeste says in her head. Celeste goes to grab the other two girls arms when Charlie spoke up.


“I think we get it Celeste. You want us to follow you, yeah?” Charlie says in a tone the Celeste doesn’t recognize, and doesn’t like either. But Celeste elects to ignore it… for the time being.


“Yes please, I’ll show you to my room.” Celeste starts walking through the house, pointing things out to the two girls. “There’s the dining room where we never eat. Here's the kitchen that is never not in use. Here’s the living room. Though we have to make it look like no one lives in it.” That earns a chuckle from all three of them. ‘Oh look, here’s the stairs that we have to climb in order to get to the childrens rooms. Up we go.” They start to ascend up the stairs, Celeste in front, not noticing the two girls muttering strange things behind her.


“So, how are your brothers?” Jessica asks once they get to the top of the stairs.


Zayn's fine. He’s an angel, as usual.” Celeste says with a proud grin.


“Oh my god! TWINSIES!” Jessica screeches in Celestes ear. She’s used to it though, having had it happen in her head every twenty minutes.


“Jessica?” Charlie asks quietly.


“Yes?” Jessica responds a bit more calmer than before.


“Can you, oh I don’t know, SHUT IT?” Charlie practically yell the last part.


“Yeah sure, but you don’t have to be a jerk about it.” Jessica fake pouts. Charlie opens her mouth to respond but Celeste is quick to cut her off.


“Hey look at that, it’s my room.” Celeste grabs a different key that was hanging on her neck and unlocks the door.


“Why do you have to lock your door?” Charlie asks perplexed.


David.” Was all Celeste said. Both girls nod in understanding. They all walk in and Celeste takes out The Book Of Time from her bag really quickly, just in case.


“Well, I’m going to get us food since we’re going to have to barricade in here.” Celeste says.


“Yeah, I’m soooooooo hungry!” Jessica says in exaggeration.


“I’ll be back.” Celeste then closes the door, hesitating for a second before continuing her journey for food. Had she waited longer, she would’ve heard Charlie and Jessica going through, whispering ‘Where’s the book? She has to have the book!”


About twenty minutes later, Celeste makes her way upstairs and opens the door to her bedroom, humming the lyrics to ‘Dear Theodosia’. She walks over to the floor before dumping the food on the ground.


“We need to talk, you need to tell me everything now.” Celeste says in a serious voice. Charlie and Jessica did.


For the next couple hours they talked about the tortures of the Shadow Realm, and how no one can escape. How they managed it, they don’t even know. Celeste says before getting up, grabbing her book and sits on the windowsill, contemplating of their telling the truth. But she gets dragged out of her thoughts when flashes of light appear out of nowhere from her window. It was Kyle. Celeste quickly shoves the two girls into the closet before running over to the window and opens it.

End Flashback


“Can we come out Celeste, it’s cramped in here!” Celeste hears Jessica complain.


“Just a second.” Celeste hollers back. “Kyle,” she starts whispering to Kyle. “I need you to take the book, I can’t trust them yet, it’s seems a little fishy, don’t you think?” She whispers with a sense of urgency.


“Yeah, I’ll take it. I promise not to lose it” Kyle whispers back quickly.


“Make sure you bring it to school tomorrow, Okay? We’re going to practice out powers after school.” Celeste shoves the book into Kyle’s hands. He then goes back over to the window and climbs down. She walks over and shuts the window then let’s the girls out of the closet. ‘This better work.’ Celeste thinks in her head before the multitude of questions get launched at her.




As Alina steps into the bus, sees there is only one seat left. Its next to Lewi... how she knows his name is a miracle. Alina sighs, but walks to the back of the bus where he is sitting, and takes a seat.


“Aye! Alina! How are ye?” Lewi says half joking.


“Hi, it’s nice to see you. Do you mind if I sit here?” Alina respondes, shaking her platinum blonde hair.


“Aye aye me lady. Thee seat was originally saved for me mate, Ca’ter but thy has walked thee plank!” Lewi replies again in a pirate accent.


“Ok, thanks I guess.” Alina shrugs, and looks around one last time, hoping a seat would magically open up. Met with disappointment she sits down next to the phony pirate.


“Wei wei! Tis my pleasure.” Lewi says now with his normal french accent. Alina nods her head, only half listening. She opens up instagram and notices that she dropped 50 followers! “Oh, me dear. Thy has lost fifty swashbucklers to the plank! Poor, unfortunate soul!” Lewi make a disney reference that’s easily recognizable.


“Yeah, I don’t know why they left, but they can do what they want. SELFIE MOMENT!” Alina shrieks. She grabs Lewi and drags him into the frame. “SMILE!” Then the moment was over. Quick as her finger could type she typed out a message the meant a lot to her. ‘If you lose followers, it’s their loss. You’re a great person, don’t let them dull you sparkle!’ “What’s your instagram Lewi?”


“Oh. My. Goodness. What, was, THAT!” Lewi says surprised and a little mad. Everyone knows when Lewi gets upset you should stay out of his way.


“Fine, I won’t tag you.. Posted!” Alina says. Almost immediately she gains more followers. And the photo has 20 likes.


“Urgh. Girls...” Lewi goes on under his breath.


“Awkward..” Alina says trying to be funny. Lewi turns to her and smiles, then turns back to the window. “What did I do wrong?” Alina asks, genuinely confused.


“Look we’re here. I guess, see you later?” Lewi says awkwardly as he gets up and gets off the bus. Sighing, Alina gets off of the bus and walks over to the building when she ran into Avani… quite literally.


“Watch it!” Avani snaps at Alina without turning around.


“Sorry Avani. Are you ok?” Alina asks back softly


“Oh, Alina. Sorry for snapping, I didn’t realize it was you. Yeah, I’m fine I guess.” Avani says, running a hand through her hair. “Oh, Celeste told Kyle, to tell me and the others to meet up at her house. We’re going to practice out powers in the woods after school, since we can’t study in the library.” She says, with a small smirk playing at her lips.


“Umm where does Celeste live?” Alina asks, confused on why they had to practice at all.


“I don’t know, Kyle does though, you can walk over with us if you want. Celeste probably will lead us there.” Avani start walking again, this time walking side by side with Alina. They laugh and talk for awhile, just being the normal teen girls they’ve both secretly wanted to be, but couldn’t because of their powers.


“That’s the most I’ve laughed since middle school!” Alina says, clutching her side, while tears of laughter are leaking from her eyes.


“Agreed. Sadly I have to head to Mr. Salverson Organic Science class. I’ll see you at lunch maybe.” Avani says starting to walk away. “See you!” She hollers behind her.


“See you.” Alina echoed, but it was more of a whisper, there was that stupid boy again, Lewi was it? He was making a sophomore laugh. Something appeared in the depth of Alina’s stomach. Confused but it, she walked right past the pair, clutching her stomach. What was this feeling, and how could she make it go away?


“Omg, Alina!” The girl that was talking to Lewi calls out to Alina.


“Yes?” Alina asks, a slightly annoyed tone coming out.


“My name is Mckenna. You are like the best person ever! I saw your post this morning, and that why I was talking to Lewi, hoping he could introduce us. Can we take a selfie together?” Mckenna asks, practically bouncing up and down. Just then the warning bell rang.


“Sorry, I can’t.” Alina says turning around, having the words come out harsher then she meant them too.


“What’d I tell you Kenna, she’s just a brat.” Alina hears Lewi say. Stopping almost immediately, Alina turns around and marches right back over to them, who cares if she was late to class?


“SMILE!” Alina says grabbing the girl Mckenna and pulling her into a side hug. “What’s your Instagram?” Alina says sounding more like herself now.


“OMG! It’s Kenna1214.” Mckenna says with the brightest smile. That’s why Alina does this, to make people happy. Alina types that in. ‘@Kenna1214, this is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. If you meet her, make sure you get a selfie with her. Thanks Kenna for letting me get a selfie with you!’ Alina hits the post button and turns her phone off, whilst alting away.


Alina never lies, but in that moment while writing that sweet message, she felt like she was lying. ‘Was that girl dating Lewi? Good for her if she was, he’s really sweet.’ Alina thinks. ‘What is this feeling?!?! Is this… jealousy?” She asks herself. Alina shrugs and walks into Mr. Donn’s, US government class, the feeling never leaving her.


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