Meme Busters: The Emoji Movie 10+

Meme Busters is a series produced by Alexander Stafford and takes ideas from modern culture to make something great.


Everyone was sad for Betty and Cheese. Betty was injured, and in a medically induced coma, and Cheese, who was always sad, waiting for Betty to wake up. At least Cheese had Marbles to keep him company. At least, until today. Marbles and Henry went out during the night. During their walk, Henry saw something, dropped Marbles, and ran. Marbles was confused, but then, disappeared. Henry heard a yip, and ran, and ran, knowing this was the same thing that happened to Betty, so Marbles was probably injured, or dead. Henry walked back, told everyone, and despair was wide spread. Except for Marbles. Marbles woke up, in a damp, dark place, and saw a theater, and Marbles couldn’t leave. Marbles saw someone.


Marbles ran to a bleeding, sad Betty, who was sleeping, in a nightmare. Marbles licked her, until she hit him to leave her alone. She bled even more. Marbles licked her again and again, until she woke up, covered in blood. She screeched, “Where am I? Where’s Cheese?! Why are you here?!” Marbles was confused, she guessed Betty didn’t realize she was bleeding. Betty looked at the theater. “Ugh… this meme. I thought this was just a bad movie, not a meme!!!” Than, once she said this, the movie distorted a little. “I hate the Emoji Movie, if you can even call it a movie.” Betty said, as Marbles agreed. Then, all of the emojis looked angry, then, Betty disappeared. Marbles was confused. Then Marbles heard Betty screaming, and getting distorted and changed. Betty was a character on the sidelines. To Betty, now that she was in the Emoji Movie, her memories were altered. She was always an Emoji to herself. Marbles ran to the screen, and ripped it, the movie turned off, but Betty was still gone. Marbles ran out of the theater and woke up next to Henry. Marbles ran to a rented Emoji Movie, not even caring about her new appearance. and Henry put it in, reluctantly. When the movie was put in. They saw Betty, and Cheese screamed, and hit the screen multiple times. Then, Marbles barked, and the screen, was altered, then distorted, then became a swirling portal of bad choices from Sony Pictures. Then, without thinking, Marbles jumped in, but before she touched the portal, she disappeared. She saw a ghost, which proceeded to touch her on the head. Now, Marbles’ eyes turned white, and she gained many memories in her brain. It was a previous life merging to hers. She gained some glowing tattoos then Marbles appeared in the Emoji Movie, along with Cheese, but nobody else decided to go in the portal. This was a good thing, as they would have gained the memories of an Emoji as well. Then, Cheese, even with new memories, kissed Betty. Cheese and Betty were 2 heart emojis, but that didn’t matter to Marbles, who stayed the same, due to being two entities at this point. Marbles proceed to run up to Betty and Cheese, and barked. Both Betty and Cheese distorted, and disappeared. Marbles barked, made a portal, and jumped out. Then Betty nugged as Cheese jumped out of the TV. Then, they went for a kiss, backed out, then both dived in. “Heh…. Good Dog.” said Nathan.

Sarah Xander