The Guardians Of Power and The Book Of Time 4

Chapter 4 - The Aftermath




“Oh yeah, by the way I’m the one who's supposed to “protect” you from any danger that should lay ahead, because I am all knowing. I am the past, the present, and the future!” says the book, who’s name is unknown.


“Ok, where are the speakers you’re playing this from? This is really funny in all but we all know it’s fake.” Carter says with a smirk.


“Young man, wipe that smirk off your face right now! And to answer your question I am of the future and yes, this is my actual voice.” The book says, who can be imagined as smirking.


“Oh I wasn’t asking you, smart recording.” Carter says seeming impressed with the speakers, “I was going to ask how Oswald was able to do that with his speakers that are hidden around the room, obviously.”


“Oswald is currently in the earth dimension according to my resources. If you don’t believe me, he is currently talking to you kids about your study group on Earth. Earth is behind on the time scale.” The books says matter of Factly.


“Wait a second, we’re not on Earth?!” Aura says freaked out.


“Well, isn’t it obvious?” The book asks confused.


“Like, we need your name!” Alina states.


“Oh yeah, my name is Evangeline. The drawn picture provided is what I look like.” A picture starts fading in slowly when Evangeline finishes talking. A girl in her teens, maybe 16 or 17, shows up. She has a light dirty blonde hair with pale skin, green eyes, and peach lips. She’s wearing a red leather jacket with black accents. And there’s a door behind her, that seems to be the exact copy of the door they came through. Weird green particles seem to be surrounding her, maybe magic? It makes sense after all that’s happened. This drawing seems to be set in the library, in the future,


“Wooooaaaah” Almost everyone says in amazement. Carter has the most surprised face of them all with his mouth gaping wide and eyes just wide. Aura laughs a little on the inside.

“You look beautiful.” Kyle says in awe, almost dreamly, kind of like he likes her which is confusing since it seems like he liked Celeste before. Well, thats boys for you.


“Is makeup still a thing? I mean obviously, but what type do you use? Is instagram, is it still here? Can you follow me if it is? Do I still have an account? Am I alive?!? I just love that jacket. Where did you get that? What type of clothes do you wear? What are the latest trends? Do I still have all my followers?!?” Alina exclaims very quickly, her voice slowly rising.


“Chill beauty queen, I don’t think that’s important right now.” Celeste says. She smiles like she just said an inside joke that no one understands. Then she goes back to her poker face. Kyle looks at her almost admiring her once again. Come on, make up your mind!


“Kyle I know you are loving this, but it’s family night. Remember Family Night starts at 5:30, with the whole family.” Avanni reminds her younger brother.


“But Aunt Josephine is going to be there, she hates me and she hates Yale. Oooh Evangeline, do I go to Yale in the future?” Kyle whines and then asks Evangeline.  


“That might ruin the timeline that is set, but let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed with what happens.” Evangeline replies mysteriously. “Now, the book will transport you to right when the door closed that originally transported you here. Who is the most trustworthy out of you to handle the book?” She asks, almost curiously. Everyone turns to look at Celeste who happens reading a nearby scroll that happens to be in ancient greek and she seems to be reading it fine. Aura is surprised that she knew that. A second power? Maybe not.


“These scrolls are so interesting! They have recorded every moment in history. AND this one,” Celeste grabs a nearby scroll, “This one is recording everything we’re saying right now, see?!” She turns and shows them what's written, and everyone faces look shocked, or at least that’s what the scroll says.


“Celeste, do you want the honors of keeping the book of time, having all of time rest in your hands? The fact that if you lose this, time will stop. If in the enemy’s hands, they will have the power to control time itself. ” Kyle says in a voice unlike his own. “Woah, that was so cool! It wasn’t even me saying it!” His voice was back to normal.


“Yes, I, Celeste Wolf, Supreme assistant captain of the Argo II, holder of the shadow power, will promise to take care of The Book Of Time, fully knowing that all of time rests on my shoulders, that if I fail, the world as we know it could cease to exist.” Celeste replies, it wasn’t her normal voice, yet the words she used seemed to fit her normal vocabulary.


“Well, since you have decided that you will take the book, it is time that you go back to Earth. The Book Of Time will spit you at the time in which you closed the door that lead you here. Celeste, the book will appear in your bag, brand new so it blends in more. You can choose which title to disguise it as. The book will take the title you have in mind and merge them together. See you in the future.” Evangeline finishes. All of the sudden a prismarine light flashes and a colorful vortex engulfs the group. Everyone moves through time at the speed of light and all anybody can see are blurs of different colors beside them. A very small door starts fading in to view, growing larger as they speed closer. As everyone comes to be in front of the door, the door flies open and they get pulled in. One by one everyone is sucked in until everyone is through. From the other side of the door people get piled on top of each other in the same room that they had entered the ancient library. There are loud screams and thuds as everyone spills through.




“Uhh-” Celeste grunts as she passes through the vortex and lands on the pile of kids, outside the room where they had entered the ancient library.


The fall doesn’t feel as bad since Celeste falls all the time during gymnastics. She also happens to be laying on Alina who looks disgusted to be in the pile. As Celeste tries to get up she feels a weight on her back, ‘It’s the book isn’t it? ‘ She asks in her head. There’s no response from Charlie and Jessica, which is unusual since they always have something to say.


“Is everyone alright?” Carter asks once everyone is standing.


“Yes mom” Kyle responds snarkily, making a face at Carter.


“Kyle!” Aura exclaims defensively.


“Was I talking to you Aura?” Kyle counters glaring at Aura.


“Woah, guys keep your heads on. I know a lot has happened but there is no need to get upset” Carter says, trying to calm the situation.


Celeste rolls her eyes at the childish dispute and takes off her backpack, getting out The Book Of Time. As she pulls it out Celeste remembers that she had disguised it as “The House of Hades.” Evangeline had explained that when the book is disguised, The Book Of Time and the other book would merge, making it so their is only one book. Celeste then opens The Book Of Time to a blank page and starts talking. The rest of the group becomes quiet as they listen to Celeste.


“Umm… Evangeline… I have a question… pertaining to The Book Of Time.” Celeste asks the book.


“Yes Celeste what would you like to know about The Book?” Evangeline responds sounding almost bored.


“I chose to have The Book Of Time be the current book I’m reading, can it change books based on what I’m reading? Because this isn’t mine, it’s the libraries so I’m going to need it to return to them at some point.” Celeste pushes out, speaking quickly.


“Of course, it would be stupid if the book was stuck as the same thing forever. If you want to access the Book Of Time then just go to a blank page, like your doing, and ask for the book. Is that all?” Evangeline answers Celeste’s question, and asks politely, but also tiredly.


“I’m sorry to say yes. You should take a break. Go upstate or something.” Celeste answers Evangeline’s question, and hoping she would take the suggestion and do something else other then stalk the book.


“I want to, but my job is to stay by the book and answer any questions that you have. If I leave, even for a second or there’ll be serious consequences. I can’t stop till a descendent of Oswald can take over. Have a good day Celeste. And it’s not your fault!” Evangeline's voice fades away into the background. ‘How does she know about that? That’s impossible! Right?!?! Charlie? Jessica?’ Celeste screams their names in her mind. Again, there’s no response. She turns around smacking into Kyle. And because of his height, Kyle proceeds to fall over, yelling in a exaggerated tone.


“MOOOMM! CELESTE HIT ME!” Kyle screams while laying on the the cold, hard ground.


“Oh grow up you big baby” Celeste says while stepping over his body.


“Kyle! Stop calling me mom! It’s really unnecessary!” Carter exclaimed, his face redding.


“But your the mom of the group” Celeste says while everyone else nods their heads in agreement.


“Oh come on!” Carter sulks as he walks away towards the stairs.


Celeste heard echos off of the stairwell, probably from the people above or Carter stomping around.


That’s when she heard a voice yell out “Carter!” It sounded female, his mother maybe? Running up the stairs, Celestes sees a lovely scene unfold. Carter running into his mother’s embrace.


“Is that grandma?” Kyle asks from next to Celeste, scaring her out of her wits.


Celeste looks around, hoping to see the faces of her family. Instead she’s met with the sight that makes her instantly burst into tears. Right in front of her is two people that she never thought she would see again,






“Hey Mom! We managed to not die, though I thought we were going too.” Avani said in the car. The last few hours had been the craziest hours she’d ever witnessed. And Avani still had to make it through the big family dinner.


“Thats nice dear. Mercy and Payten are waiting at home for you two. The family will be arriving shortly. They were so worried about you guys, with the tornado and all.” Her Mother replies.


“Clearly Aunt Josephine wasn’t worried about me. Besides, she was probably hoping I would hit my head hard enough to ‘knock some sense into me’ as she would put it. She hates me because I want to go to Yale instead of Harvard.” Kyle whines, waving his hands around.


“Come on Kyle, Aunt Josephine doesn’t hate you, she just is trying to have you stick with the family tradition in going to Harvard.” Avani replies in defense of Aunt Josephine.


“Oh no, of course she doesn’t hate me. The snide remarks she makes about me and my ‘dreams’ is just her way of saying she loves me.” Kyle retorts back sarcastically.


Before Avani can make another remark, they pull into the garage. Kyle hops out and runs off to who knows where. Avani runs up to her room to get changed out of the clothes that she wore to school. After Avani is done changing, she sits on the window sill and looks out into the forest deep in thought. A little while later she hears a knock on the front door. She hears  her mom walk up to the door and opens it to let the guests in, most likely the rest of the Goodwin clan.


“Where is my sweet little angel?” Aunt Josephine calls as she steps in. “Hopefully not being corrupted by that demon brother of hers.” She shakes her head with a disapproving look on her face.


“I’m right here!” Avani calls as she heads down the stairs. When Avani gets down the stairs, Aunt Josephine comes out of nowhere and squeezes her so tight that Avani can’t breathe.


“Dinner’s ready! Everyone head to the dining room!” Avani’s mother calls and gestures to where the dining room is located. Everyone wanders over and takes their seats. Only one seat was remaining, Kyles.


“I’ll go get Kyle...” Her mother sighs and heads upstairs, all the while shouting Kyle’s name.


“So Avani, dear, how was your first day back from school?” Aunt Josephine asks sweetly.


“Oh it was great, besides almost being killed by a tornado-” Avani gets cut off as Aunt Josephine exclaims.


“OH DEAR MY POOR SWEETHEART! YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE HAD TO GO THROUGH THAT!” Aunt Josephine practically yells. “How ever did you survive?”


“Well luckily, the school had a basement that we could hide in.” Avani downplays it even though she was really terrified at the thought of having almost been killed.


Just then, Kyle is dragged, unhappily downstairs by Avani’s Mother.


“But mom! Can’t I please just eat in my room? I’m a disgrace when she’s around!” Kyle says in a annoyed tone.


“Kyle Avery Goodwin! You will sit down here with your family and you will enjoy it! And you will be nice and respectful to your Aunt Josephine! Now sit down!” Her mother gives Kyle a good push into the dining room. He begrudgingly took his seat and trained his gaze onto the floor.

Dinner was served and Avani thought it was amazing. Plus, everything was going great, but she had to have spoken too soon.

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