When the biggest revolution in technology breaks through NANO arises, a new technological organization announces their newest product, NanoAmplifiers. When they start their trial testing four kids are chosen to be the guinea pigs for the NanoAmplifiers. When the four kids found out that they have been chosen they don’t know what is in store. Meanwhile as NANO prepares the NA’s to fit the four kids, another small group called ECHO, is searching for these four kids. As the four kids are about to meet at NANO HQ they don’t realize that are about to change the fate of humanity forever.


Rose was brushing her hair when she got a phone call. She went to answer but the other end canceled the call before she could respond. “Well, that must have been a mis-tap or something” Rose thought. She went back to brushing her hair. A few minutes later she got another call. As she went to answer it, the call ended. Now Rose was confused… She finished brushing her hair and went downstairs. After she ate a little snack she went outside she received a third call. “Grrrrrr” She went to answer it, it didn’t disconnect. All she heard was static, “Well that person wasted my time and energy” she thought. She went to wait for her bus but realized that no one was there. “Where in the world is everybody? It’s usually extremely crowded here-” A sudden gust of wind blew what she thought was a napkin in to her face. She started to feel sleepy… she tried walking back inside her house but tripped on the doorstep. She felt a pair of hands lifting her as everything went black.


It was music to his ears, literally, he was actually listening to his favorite song, when his alarm went off. Well it was time to get ready for school thought Brian. As he was exiting his room, his phone vibrated. He took out his phone and went to answer the call but it disconnected. He decided if it was important they would try again. As he finished his breakfast he got a second call. He attempted to answer it but he wasn’t fast enough. He didn’t get to see the number and wondered if it was the same number. He left his apartment and got on his bike. This was when he got a third call. Determined to answer it he swiftly accepted. The only sound he heard was static. Suddenly a huge gust of wind blew what looked like a square piece of paper on to his face. He started to feel drowsy. He felt someone lift him up and the world went dark.


Alice was watching T.V. when she got a anonymous call. She didn’t feel like answering it and decided to wait until the caller stopped trying. 2 minutes later she decided to answer it. When she tried to answer it the other end disconnected. She didn’t really care but she got the feeling that the call may be important. Oh well, they will have to try again thought Alice. She decided to go outside and wait for the bus. While she was eating some candy, she got another call. As she went to answer the other end canceled the call. Eh their problem for not letting me answer though Alice. When the bus arrived, she got a third call. They better let me answer she thought. When she accepted the call she heard static. Suddenly a gust of wind came by and something flew in to her face. She started to feel dizzy. She felt something grab her by the torso and lift her and then the world went black.


Ryan was playing his Xbox 1, he was so focused, he didn't hear the call that he got on his phone. A few minutes later, Ryan got up to go eat breakfast. While he was walking down the stairs he heard a soft sound sort of like what he imagined as waves. He ran back upstairs as this was the ringtone for his phone. He tried to tap the accept button but the other end ended the call. Well atleast I have my phone now… he thought. As he proceeded back downstairs he wondered if the call he got was important. Ryan grabbed an apple from the fruit basket and ran outside. That's when he got another call. He tapped the green accept button and got an earful of static. All of a sudden a sudden gust of wind blew something white in to his face. He started to feel tired and decided he should sit down for a second. He felt something on his arms and everything went dark.

Sarah Xander