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Part 1

THUD That doesn't sound OR feel very good I thought. That thump sound was unfortunately to my demise, me tumbling out of my bed and landing on the floor. It happened so often now to the point where I don't even groan but for some reason today was different.

I groaned, why did my day have to start like this?

| 2 Hours Pass |

"245" "246" "247” “248” “249” “250” I had finally reached the amount of brush strokes I really needed for my horrid hair.

After being lost in thought for a few minutes I snapped back into reality. I really regret doing that as I was having a awesome day dream about a ice cream funland.

“Well it was great while it lasted” I thought.

I went downstairs and grabbed an apple from the fruit basket and happily skipped outside. I skipped over to the edge of my neighborhood where my bus stop was.

I took a few bites out of my apple as I waited for my bus to arrive. While waiting for the bus I saw a man decked in black approach the bus stop. I saw a strange protrusion on the mans chest.

Before I could speculate what this could possibly be his hand flew to the inside of his vest exactly where the protrusion was. I tensed up ready for something bad to happen.

He pulled out what seemed to a few napkins. I relaxed… That's when he started sprinting towards me.

My first instinct was to scream very, very loudly as I saw the figure come closer and closer.

Of course instead I just close my eyes and start praying in my head.

"Please don't hurt me" "Please don't hurt me" "Please don´t hurt me"

All of a sudden, I heard a SWOOSH and I had to open eyes to see what had happened. For a minute I didn't see anything.

Then I saw 3 figures dressed in black unconscious on the ground.

Yea, that didn’t seem like a very good sign. As I was about to scream I felt hands on my mouth and I started to squirm. Another set of hands squeezed me until I stopped squirming. The first set of hands put a familiar looking napkin on my face.

Everything went dark.

By Zayan Hossain

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