Orish Invasion


Xalvador had just arrived at the capitol, in a flurry of as someone yelled to him that the king wanted to see him. He galloped at top speed to see the king only to find him lying on a bed with bandages around his waist and doctors trying to treat him. Fffft ]=gsdv b1¨My liegh what happened¨ said Xalvador ¨Our party was ambushed as we went to check up on our other cities we got out but one of the orcs arrows hit me and it had some sort of infection on it and the doctors said that they would try and slow it down but i needed to tell you that you're in charge until the country is at peace. At that point you shall have a vote to decide to keep you as king or not, i had a scribe write that down¨ ¨No i forbid it you will live. ( He turn to the doctors) Why aren't you doing more, get to work, find something, he can't die. He cant, he cant, no no no, (turning back to the king) you can't.¨ (barely a whisper) ¨ Xalvador i'm dying there's nothing the can do but i need to know that you won't let our kingdom crumble¨ ¨Yes my my lord¨ “And cough know i always thought of you as my son cough cough” And with that he breathed his last. “No,no,no. Why?” He then Then Xalvador took on a determined face and rose to his feet he then grabbed a quill and wrote to Quinn Dear Quinn Our king has died but his final words made me king and i propose peace between us until we take out the orcs from the north. Agreed? He then sent the note Quinn had just reached his capital as the bird delivered the note he read it, mounted his horse he rode like the wind to the royal palace. He arrived and after quickly bowing he said ¨my lord in combat I had to fight beside a general of yorkshire and we sort of made peace, he just became king of yorkshire and asks for peace¨ ¨Do you mean to ask me to make peace with The Dunidian of Yorkshire, The ones who stole, tortured and killed our ancestors.¨ ¨Yes that was twenty Years ago, And had you read the older history books we helped start that war but we left that out of the newer texts because it is a black spot in Skeldars history. Besides if you say no we, along with them will all perish to the orcs.¨ ¨Your right, about all of it, we need there help and they need ours. So together let's wipe the orcs from existence.¨ ¨yes my lord i shall write him back and arrange a meeting between you, him and me to discuss a plan of action¨ CHAPTER 4

Weldmore, Yorkshire ¨ Xalvador entered the city riding atop a gold studded steed and galloped into a royal stable he then unmounted. Then gave the reins to a servant walked into the meeting room Quinn said ¨hello¨ and Xalvador returned the greeting before Asking. ¨Why is Seraphina of the woodland fawns and Brindal of the eastern centar herds here¨ Quinn was Quick to respond ¨Turns out that the orcs have allienced alongside the fallen minotaurs to come out of the caves in the east and attack the peaceful civilizations there they also allianced with the Cambion of the south to help eradicate the peaceful civilizations¨ ¨Well then it seems like thorewen will be thrown into war and it will be a war like none thorewen has ever seen… But im glad im fighting at your guyses side.¨ ¨And i you¨ said quinn ¨Now let's get to business¨ said Brindal ¨we have lost a herd in the east to the minotaur clans they need to be stopped because all our forces are defending but once we take care of them our soldiers will be read to take on the north hoards¨ ¨I know that the centaur are prideful and don't like to be ridden because they find it shameful to be controlled but what if we put a fawn on your back with a Bow but you ride and they will just assist you in combat¨ ¨This one time i will allow that because we are in distress¨ ¨Then let's do this¨ GOLLASARY Orc- origanoly a tortured elf then they slowly evolved into a race of strong warriors. (usually evil) Dunedin- half elf half human (because elves live forever (unless killed) the dunedin are blessed with long life (around 150 years)) Fawn- half human half goat (like dancing and music, use bows for weapons usually) Minotaur-half human half minotaur (Really strong and mostly use battle axes for war) Cambion-half human half demon (use tridents and swords as there weapons)

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