Hermione soothed herself to bed, feeling Ron’s warm body. “Goodnight.” he whispered. “Goodnight, my love.” she whispered back. Soon Ron was fast asleep and snoring like a pig. Quickly but carefully, she slipped out of bed, not wanting to wake him. She walked quietly past the kids bedroom, where you could hear their sweet soft breath as they slept soundly. Crookshanks looked up at her sleepily, before curling back up on the sofa. Hermione looked at him lovingly, remembering what the little cat did for Sirius Black. The thought of Sirius Black made her eyes well up with tears. She found herself in the garden. She walked around for a minute before sitting down on the garden bench and thinking for a while. She was about to head back inside when she heard a sound coming from the bushes. “Hello?” she asked A second passed, then more rustling. Suddenly a red stream of light shot at her, stunning her for a moment. Ron came running outside after hearing her screams, but found nothing but a small green box. This green box was identical to the one Malfoy had asked about in their second year as they were disguised as Crabbe and Goyle. “So you haven’t opened it after all these years.” he snarled. “Malfoy.

******Chapter 1******

Hermione woke up sometime later in a comfortable bed in a silk dressing gown. She had no idea where she was and had to find a way out. All she could remember was a bright red flash, a stunning spell? She looked around the room. It was very well put together, the floor made of marble. She knew instantly that it was Malfoy Manor. No one else was so powerful and wealthy. She heard the door click open, she instinctively reached for her wand to find that it wasn't there. Of course not, she had been kidnapped! She had to talk to Draco and tell him to let her go, I’d better think of something fast! she thought. The door fully opened, and there he walked in, an apologetic look on his handsome face. She felt so bad! She had never seen Draco like this ever. What had she done! Hermione quickly snapped back into reality. Stop! This was all a trick! Draco stepped into the room. “You’re finally awake!” he said, sounding like he hadn’t kidnapped her at all. Like they were friends. She glared at him. “Oh, uh sorry about the...err...entry? It was a little dramatic.” “What do you want?” Hermione answered. She was tired of him acting all friendly. What was she doing here and what did he think he was doing taking her to his manor! What was going on? “Woah!” he replied. “You don’t have to be rude.” “Just tell me what is going on and I will be a bit nicer.” said Hermione in anguish. “Ok. Fine. I will tell you under one condition.” replied Draco “What’s your condition, Sir Malfoy.” Hermione said sarcastically. “You can't tell anyone anything that happens here. Got it?” “Ok. Can you tell me what I am doing here now please!” Hermione yelled at Draco. This was the final straw. He had made her really mad. Now she really had to do something about it. “Sorry. But yeah. I’ll tell you. Basically, my great great great grandfather had wrote in his will that at the time it was read that the youngest descendant would need to marry a mud...Muggle-Born, and I didn’t know what to do, so I brought you here.” “You mean you kidnapped me?” Malfoy’s confidence was crumbling. “Look, I’m really sorry, but I can’t control this.” Hermione had never heard him talk like this before, and she thought it was quite sweet, No! Gross, I’m married! She told herself. She started to wonder if Ron had found out yet, were the kids okay? Did anyone know where she was? She pinched herself, hoping that it was a dream but all that happened was a sharp pain in her right arm from where she pinched herself. ****** Meanwhile, Ron was searching frantically for Hermione. He had the whole Ministry searching for her, everyone was looking for her, she was the Minister of Magic after all. Harry came to his house today with Ginny, ...and her mom. Normally, this would embarrass him, but he didn't care. He had been keeping it together for the kids for so long he just broke down. The kids cried in there grandma’s arms while he demanded an update from Harry about the search. “I’m sorry to say but we don’t have a clue, we’ve looked everywhere, tried every tracking spell and we couldn’t find a thing!” Harry said, “Do you have any suspects? Anything?” Ron pulled out the box. Harry's eyes darkened. “He wouldn't dare.” ****** Back at the Malfoy Manor, Hermione was tying her bed sheets together into a makeshift rope. She placed a firm grip on one side of the rope and threw the other side out the window without a sound. It was finally long enough! She quickly tied her end to the curtain bar, now empty from making the rope. Then, with both hands and feet tightly crossed around the rope, she slowly climbed down. Her heart was beating in her chest, she was shaking so bad. She hit the ground and turned around, to find Lucius Malfoy standing right behind her! The next few moments where a blur Lucius mouthed something, a spell? All Hermione had time to think was, Oh god... Then everything went black. “I don’t think you understand the importance of this.” came a voice from behind her, everything was blurry. “This is above you, you little… ” Hermione blacked before she heard the rest of the sentence.

*****Chapter 2*****

Hermione was so groggy, she tried to piece together what had happened. Where was she? This wasn’t like anyplace in the Malfoy Manor, it looked like a bank vault. But, how? The only wizarding bank she knew existed in all of London was Gringotts! But as she thought of it some more she realized it made perfect sense, Gringotts had the highest security in the wizarding world, it’s done favors for the death eaters, so the workers probably wouldn’t bat an eyelash with helping the Malfoys locking up a captive. Hermione was stressing out. What if she never saw Ron again! No, she mustn't stress out, she could escape, she did it when she Harry and Ron were trying to get the horcruxes now she was older and smarter, she’d taken survival class, self defence and about every safety lesson she could find. She could do this, she just had to think this through. She started by examining the room, it had no windows except for a small breathing vent and was pretty much empty except for a bed and a box. She looked inside the box, a bunch of clothes. Hermione tried again, there was a heavily locked door with a complex set of gears, she studied it for a moment. Maybe she could reverse the gears to go counter clockwise, then the doors would unlock. After all, Gringotts was meant to keep valuables in, not for captives. Wouldn’t the bank vault have a weakness from the inside? She walked up to the door and pushed the gears. They moved with ease, which surprised Hermione. Then Draco walked in. Dammit. she thought. “That won’t work.” He said looking sad. “Why am I in a Gringotts vault?” she asked. “Long story.” “I think we’ve got time, since I’m now your prisoner.” “My mother is taking this will thing too seriously, she sent you here because she thought it would be safer.” “Why me? I’m sure thousands of other muggle-borns would be happy to have you as their husband.” This made Malfoy blush, “It just felt right.” “Well you were clearly wrong.” “Look, this is above both of us. If I don’t marry a Muggle-Born, then my family will loss the right of magic, the right to our fortune, and the right to live in the wizarding world!” Hermione was staring daggers into him. “So this is what it's all about, your dignity? You’d capture a married woman with children to become your wife for you dignity? Well, you don’t even deserve your dignity!” “What?! You care more about that stupid redhead than me?” “You'll never be as good as him!” Hermione yelled. “That,” Smirked Malfoy, “Sounds like a challenge.” “Well,” Hermione said, surprising herself, “Maybe it is.” “Anyways, I’m here to get you out of this place.” “You’re going to free me?” Hermione asked with slight excitement. Malfoy winced, “No,” But then he added with a handsome grin, “But I’d bet you’d want me as your knight in shining armor.” “You wish.” “I think I said something like that to Potter once.” “Shut up Malfoy.” “Now you sound like him.” Draco wined. …… Ron and Harry had heard about the Malfoy’s trip to the bank, they both suspected it was for more than to take out a couple thousand coins. They were heading there just knowing when they saw Malfoy trying to look casual, but occasionally giving a quick glance behind them. Harry had to grab Ron by both shoulders to keep him from tackling him. “We need evidence!” “I don’t need your permission!” “Stop! It will look suspicious!” “Do you think I care?!?!” Harry looked down defeated. “Look, at least they don't want to hurt her, you now she'll be okay. Hermione is tough.” They both heard about the reading of the will, and about the fact that the youngest descendant of the Malfoy family had to marry a muggle-born. The whole Ministry of Magic had searched every file relating the Malfoys to find more information. So far they knew that Draco Malfoy had married Astoria Greengrass, but her life was taken not long after the Malfoys stopped working with Voldemort. But no one had any sympathy towards Draco. As Malfoy entered the bank closely followed by Ron and Harry, he walked up to the goblins. “Get me to my vault you unworthy scumbags!” Malfoy snarled. The goblin seemed offended by such a rude comment, but remembered the fact that he was in charge here. “Well, do you have your key?” “You stupid little gits, are you blind? Look who you're talking to here! I AM DRACO MALFOY!!! NOW LET ME IN MY VAULT!!!” The goblin quivered, “Y-yes, s-sir.” He lead Malfoys behind the counter. “Hermione wouldn't fall for that.” Ron said, but it sounded more like a question. “Hey, look man. We both know how tough-” “Yeah, so tough. She could beat the crap out of him! The question is why hasn't she? Why is she waiting? She could do it, I know my Hermione, but why hasn’t she?!” …… Draco pulled out a folded fabric from his cloak, Hermione immediately recognized it as an invisibility cloak. Then Draco pulled out her wand and her heart leaped with joy. He was about to hand it to her, but pulled back. “You have to promise me you won't turn against me when I give these to you.” Hermione cursed under her breath. Then she looked at her wand, and the invisibility cloak, then the bank vault. She thought about how horrible it would be to stay here forever, no, she thought, until they break me and I fall in love with Draco and lose my dignity. At the thought of that, she came up with a plan: when she put on the invisibility cloak, she would follow Draco until they were outside, then she could bolt for it. It technically wasn't turning against him, she wasn’t attaching Draco, even so, what are promises worth without an unbreakable vow? She agreed to the deal and hastily grabbed her wand and the invisibility cloak. Draco open up the vault door slowly, following quickly after Hermione bolted through for freedom. “You should probably put on the cloak now.” Hermione glared at him, “I didn't think of that.” She said sarcastically. Draco’s face fell. “Sorry.” Hermione rolled her eyes. “God, you know nothing about women.” She quickly put on the cloak and joined Draco, slightly reluctant because she knew very well this could just be another trap leading to a place even worse than this and still inside of Gringotts. I have to take that chance. She told herself. What other hope do I have? Draco lead her out of the vault and reached a different one, this one was a lot higher up and had a lot less security, it must have been really cheap. After inserting a key, it opened to reveal a window. This was an unusual thing to have in a Gringotts vault, it was an opening for a thief. But this vault was so high up and had nothing in it, so she doubted anyone really bothered to notice. It was millions of feet away from the ground and the walls were completely smooth, and she wasn’t seeing any broomsticks. “A-are you sure we can’t go out the front?” This was a stupid and crazy idea! She’s risking her life! Better than living in a bank vault, the irrational part of her thought. “No, you of all people should know that Gringotts has an anti invisibility cloak security system” Malfoy was tying a rope around his waist. He handed another one to Hermione. She tied it on like a harness shaking all the way. “Who cares? Are you too afraid to have your reputation shattered? Or is it you parents? Did they promise you a chocolate bar if you be a good boy. Is that more important than freedom? What if the situation was reversed?” Hermione was fuming. She’d been captured, she’d escaped, then captured again, and now Malfoy couldn’t risk his reputation to free her when he got her into this mess in the first place! “Do you ever want to get out of here?” Said Draco. “Yes I do, and I will, Ron is probably looking for me. It won’t be long now Malfoy.” “Uh… Hermione… I hate to tell you this but-” “But what? Did you capture him to?” Hermione was downright done with this. If the Malfoys laid a hand on her family, they would never see the light of day, wand or not. “What? No! I mean… Ron isn’t looking for you…” “Haha… yeah… sure.” Hermione couldn’t believe this, after all these years, Ron wouldn’t betray her… EVER. “I hate to say it, but I saw him flirting with Padma Patil. and-” “YOU LAIR!!! HE WOULDN’T EVER!! YOU KNOW THIS MIGHT BE A HARD THING FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND, BUT HE. HAD. HONOR!” She was shouting now, Hermione never thought Malfoy was this low. Malfoy winced, then took a deep breath… the silence was “insert word”. Then he pushed her through the window, and jumped after her. ******

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