Meme Busters: We Are Number One!!! 10+

Meme Busters is a series produced by Alexander Stafford and takes ideas from modern culture to make something great.

With Nathan now, well, living with us, I guess, we continue our long trek, back and forth, in our little fort, lost in thought. Then, I tripped. I got up to climb the ladder, but I noticed, most of the noise outside was people trying to prove themselves the right in the tree house. This gave me an idea. “Nobody else allowed in the tree house!!!” I proceed to pull out wood and nails, “But I never said anything about my backyard!!!! We’re building a new fort!!!!” I said. Half the people left. The idea of being on the ground frightened them. I should have brought out the metal. Half way through building, I saw that we ran out of supplies. As I thought this, Nathan slouched on my shoulder and yelled, “It’s bonding time!!!” and grabbed me, and an incredibly mad Marbles and started walking! We were on our way… Not much happened while we were walking. Nathan let Marbles be with me. We ate a little snack. Marbles bit Nathan. I bit Nathan. We were all happy… except Nathan. I think Nathan regretted this before we even got to the store. Now we won’t need to do this again. Me and Nathan were beating down memes. Me with my crowbar, and Nathan with his taser. We were nearly to our destination. Walmart. We saw that the Walmart was another place for these people to hide. We meet a woman, she went by Rainmaker. She was the edgy leader that everyone listened to because she was first to Walmart. I noticed she was the manager, but her uniform was torn up and covered in a blood like substance I thought was the blood of memes. I was completely and utterly correct. I saw people beating down any meme they saw, and the goop just came right out of them. They then put them in cages like animals. I don’t blame them. Seems she lost a lot to these memes. She gave us the supplies, and we started to walk away. Until we saw some singing people. Well, I thought they were people. They were in cages. I gave Nathan the supplies. He threw them through a car window and ran to the car to try and get it started while I freed some memes. That sounded so weird. I punched the manager, or as they called her, the queen, and ran to the singers. They were yelling, “We are number one!!!!” It was loud and annoying. But I cared for them, and they were being hurt, by mallets and even forks. I beat up everyone in my way until someone walked up to me and punched me, knocking me out, but before I was knocked out, I saw a giant hulking man, with a name tag reading, “Greg” with another word scribbled out, probably his last name. I woke up with the memes. They grew feral. I wanted to save them, but they started singing, and launched themselves out of cannons, threw bananas on the ground just to trip on them, and dressing up as old ladies. They were the easiest memes to beat. I heard a horn, then, I saw something. A car slammed threw the wall and the cage. We threw the memes into our trunk and I hopped in. Marbles was licking me, but then proceeded to lick Nathan. I had no idea why. When we got back, we noticed that the manager, the Rainmaker, in our car. “I’m joining you. Takes guts to fight me and my crew. And, well, the Walmart is gone. Name’s Drew.” Drew was the most helpful in building the base, and she went back multiple times in the car. She even named the car Greg, after the hulking man. Must’ve been a boyfriend, but he disappeared, nothing in sight according to Drew, so he’s alive. She helped most in the cage, but she made them more comfortable. We let the memes in the cage. Now we won’t have to fight them again, even if they were a pushover.

Sarah Xander