Meme Busters: Dab 10+

Meme Busters is a series produced by Alexander Stafford and takes ideas from modern culture to make something great.

Right after dealing with Lonk, me and Cheese were super tired and beaten down, as Marbles was licking me making me feel better, Betty was trying to help Cheese feel better after getting beaten down by Lonk. We were all hearing the scariest noises, at least to hear it in real life. We were hearing stuff like, “Do you know de wae?” and “Somebody Toucha my Spaghet!!!” We were all terrified as they were all getting louder, than quiet again, then louder, than quiet, until we all went mad, the only one keeping us sane was Marbles, the only calm one here. Finally, our door was being slammed once again, this time we were prepared. Betty opened the door, propelling the thing forward before it hit, and then me and Cheese kept on beating up whatever came out the door with our Crowbar and Plank of wood. Then we realized. It was Nathan, one of our neighbors. Seeing this lead to me yelling, “Get off my lawn!!!” and hit him right in the face with a crowbar. I always wanted to do that. He yelled some cop mumbo jumbo and I yelled, “What laws? It’s the apocalypse ya dumb dumb!” as I threw the crowbar right at his face. We saw a meme was coming, and we were about to come down to protect Nathan, because, y’know, we gotta be nice people to get people to help us out and stuff, but as we were coming down to protect him, he pulled out a taser, and tased the meme, immobilizing it. He proceeded to look at me and say, “Now can I come in your little fort? It seems you need a little bit of help, because you did have only a little bit of trouble taking down a simple, quite unknown meme. The weakest type of meme.” Everyone but me agreed. But we did need the taser. But not Nathan. Also, how does he know so much about simple memes? Right after we agreed, I helped him up, but as we were going up the ladder, I was grabbed, by a ugly squid, dabbing. As this happened, Nathan jumped on Squidward, the dabbing squid, and tased him until he fell to the ground, and was knocked out. I gained a little respect for him, but I’d still sacrifice him before anybody. Nathan, now stayed in our little treefort.

Sarah Xander