The Tied Scarf


I always feel like I am left out because I am a muggle born. I have always been left out and always would be. At least I thought. My name is Monica Hampton. I am in Slytherin and even though it can be a blessing, it can also be a curse. Especially when you are muggle born. I am used to having two or more people behind my back to pick me up if I fall, but now I feel like I am all alone. Even the teachers don't like me. I don't fit in and I wish that I could just leave Hogwarts. Until today. Everything changed.

Chapter 1

I woke up that morning, and I felt the same as always. I went down to the great hall, and sat down alone in my seat. Then Draco came over and sat next to me. I lit up with happiness. It was the best day in the world. Draco Malfoy noticed me. Of all people he noticed me! We ate in silence for a minute, but I felt I needed to do more. I went to grab his hand and I touched it. He held it and didn't let go. He slipped me a note. I opened it, and it said “Common room fire 9:00.”

The day went by so slow. It felt like an eternity. Classes finally finished, and I rushed back to the common room to read on my bed until 9. It finally turned 9, and I ran down to the common room fire. Draco was lying on the couch in front of the fire and when I came down the stairs, he said “I’ve been waiting for you, Monica.” “I'm sorry to keep you waiting Malfoy.” I said, clearly with meaning. “Come sit. We need to talk.” Draco said very softly. I went to sit next to him. As soon as I sat down, he started talking about his pureblood status and how he’s supposed to marry a pureblood witch. The one way talk went on for what seemed like forever. But then he started saying weird things like that he wasn't going to marry a pureblood witch and I got very curious about where he was going. When he finally stopped I asked him what he meant when he said wasn’t going to marry a pureblood. He left me in suspense saying, “You will find out soon enough. Just trust me.” There was clearly pleading in his voice. I felt kinda bad for asking him but I had to know. After the awful cliffhanger, I started back up to the dorm rooms only to find Draco following me and asking me a very strange question. He was asking me if I like him. WHAT KIND OF BOY ASKS A GIRL WHO GRABBED HIS HAND IF SHE LIKES HIM. I definitely would never guess a pureblood boy who thinks that he is the highest in blood status (which he is), and is really good at potions. But I guess that that can happen very easily. Anyway why was Draco Malfoy asking me if I liked him. Who in their right mind wouldn't. I mean honestly.

Chapter 2

The first date After I finally managed to fall asleep, it felt like two seconds until I woke back up.I didn’t really want to get out of bed, but I knew that i should probably get some food. I had dreaded going down for breakfast because I thought that Draco might have told everyone about last night. Thankfully when I walked into the hall, nothing seemed out of the order. I walked over to Draco and sat down. He instantly started putting food on my plate and I had to grab his hand to stop him. What was he doing! Had he gone insane or something since last night? I made a mental note to ask him after breakfast. I didn’t want to draw more attention to us. That could end VERY badly. After breakfast, I pulled him to the side and asked him “What was that about?” “What was what about?” He said very confused “At breakfast, you were filling my plate with food when you know that I don’t normally eat much!” “Oh. Sorry. You are just so thin and I figured that you should eat more because it is really bad for you.” said Draco clearly concerned. I felt bad for being mean so I looked him in the eyes and said, “I’m sorry that I upset you Draco.” Draco took my hand in his and asked me out to a date that night. I went literally crazy and I couldn't speak. Draco was asking me out on a date!!!! He is the most respected and well known person in Slytherin. This was the best day ever. He had asked me to meet him in the room of requirements that night at midnight. He said to come with my wand but nothing else. He also said that I would love the surprise and it would be the night of my life. I waited through every class and also managed to take notes. It was going to be a good night and I couldn't wait. The day finally passed, but now I had to wait for the date. Suddenly Draco came over to me and asked me to come sit with him and his friends. He took my hand and led me over. It was so quiet. Everyone in the common room was staring at us. It was so weird. I would have felt uncomfortable if it wasn't Draco and I wasn't bloodthirsty for fame. He sat down and I sat down in the chair next to him. “This is Monica. My girlfriend.” said Draco in a very soothing tone. I couldn't believe he had just called me that but I looked right passed and said, “Hi. What are your names?” “Blaze, Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle.” said Pansy. There was clearly dislike in her voice and I could tell that she wanted Draco for herself. I whispered to Draco saying “What is her problem?” “She really likes me and doesn't like it when I hang out with other girls.” I was glad Draco chose me over her. She seems like a snob. She dresses like one to. I can't believe that Draco even hangs out with that Pansy snob. He clearly didn't like her. I could tell because of the way that he talks to her and he never makes eye contact. We talked for a bit, but then the others went to bed and it was just me. I took out a book to read. The book was called the Iron Trial. It was really good. I spent so long reading it that when I looked over at the clock it was already 12! I had to rush the the room of requirements where he told me to meet him. When I got there he was standing in front of a slightly cracked door so that I could smell salt water and hear the waves hitting the beach. Without a word, he opened the door and I walked in. We were somehow at the beach. It was so peaceful. I took a look around and I saw a blanket stretched out on the floor with a picnic basket on it. The scene was so beautiful!! He sat down and motioned for me to join him. I sat and waited for him to talk. I didn't like to start conversations. He finally asked, “So? Do you like it?” “Do I like it? Why wouldn’t I!” Draco just laughed. What right did he have to think that it was funny. It certainly wasn't. He had no right to do that so I gave him a playful punch and he tackled me. I told him that i was hungry and he pulled a feast out of the basket. Literally! With a wave of his wand, he had managed to make a whole feast. It was amazing. He must have been planning this for ages. I asked him how he had done this. He said that it was a surprise and left it at that. Why was he always so mysterious!? It was kind of bothering. We ate in silence for a minute, but he had to break it. “What would you do if I told you a secret that no one else knows?” I was totally not expecting this. It was so random and out of the blue that I didn't know what to say, so i just said that I would listen and not make fun of it. He smiled and said, “Monica, would you like to come home with me for the summer?” I didn't know what to say so I just said yes. What else should I say? He keeps doing weird things like this. It is kind of weird but I would have to deal with it. This was going to be a fun summer but I would have to get through the year first. It might be a hard year. We finished eating in silence, but then I said to him, “What did you intend to do by bringing me here?” “I wanted to see how you would react to us becoming something that other people would know about. What would you do if I told my parents and my friends?” “That would be amazing! Just make sure that the entire wizarding world doesn't know please.” “Sure!” he said, laughing.

Chapter 3

“Monica….? MONICA! Monica, class is over we have potions next. Are you ready?” asked Draco. “Hmmm? Oh. Yes. I’m ready.” I said looking up. We walked down the hall entering the potions dungeon. As soon as I stepped into the classroom, a chill went down my back. I had just remembered that Professor Snape said that we were making Amortentia, and we had to try it on a classmate. I knew instantly who I was going to try it on, but I didn’t know who the class would react or how Draco would act. He already likes me as it is so would this either be ineffective, or would it make him like me even more. Professor Snape wrote down the ingredients on the board and how to properly brew the potion. The first step was for us to take an ashwinder egg, and drop it into the cauldron. Next I added a handful of rose thorns, in with the egg. I also had to add refined peppermint oil. Moonstone was also needed for the potion but it was only found in Snape’s personal potion cabinet so I had to ask him for it. Now I was almost done but I had to stir the potion until steam rises. I was finally done!! I was starting to second guess if I should use it on Draco though because I didn't know what it would do. I tried to think for someone else to do it on but I couldn’t think of anyone so when Snape called me and asked me to come up to his desk and tell him who I wanted to use it on I had to tell him that there was no one that I would like to use it on. He just stared at me for a minute and I thought here goes another rant presented by Professor Snape. He opened his mouth like he wanted to speak but no sound came out. He closed it took a breath, and said, “Then you will not get full credit. We don't know if the potion works well or not so I don't know how well you did.” I grabbed the vial from the desk and rushed back to mine. I had to think of someone to test it on or I might fail potions! I couldn't let myself fail so I spent all class thinking about it. We were having class with the Ravenclaws, so I decided to give it to one of the boys from Ravenclaw. I had liked him, before I found out that Draco liked me so it was him that I would give it to. At the end of class, Snape told us to give our potions to the person that was to try them. I reluctantly did it and I waited for something to happen. He drank the tiniest bit which I was happy about, and didn't act different at first but then he came over to me and told me that he liked me and asked me if I like him. It was obvious that I had given him the potion and by that point everyone was staring at me because I was the only one to make a working love potion. I didn't know what to say so I asked him to go back to his set and that I would talk to him after class. I felt bad but I knew that he would be back in his right mind after class ended. Snape said in a distasteful voice, “Thank you Miss Hampton. That was an excellent example on how to make a successful love potion. I will need to speak to you after class.” I didn't know if he was going to be mad at me, or if he wanted to congratulate me. I hoped that I wasn't in trouble though. I couldn’t stand Snape right now with all that was going on. While all of my classmates were leaving the class, I went up to Snape and he said, “You are one of my best students, but you aren't doing so well. I have also noticed that this is happening with Mr. Malfoy. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that this is from the same.” said Snape. “You might be right sir, but I can only tell you what is going on with me.” I said. Surprised that he had come to me about what was going on with Draco. “Can you at least tell me why you aren't doing to good in class?” Snape said with clear hate in his voice. “Yes sir. I am going through alot right now. My mom is deathly ill and my dad is thinking of leaving. It's hard for me right now, and it's never been harder.” I saw something that looked strangely like pity on Snape's face, and I knew that he had bought my lie. “I'm sorry to hear that Monica, but that isn't a reasonable reason to be failing in my class. You have been so good at potions, but now you are completely failing. This is concerning Monica. Is this happening in any of your other classes?” Snape said.“I don't know. None of the other teachers have pulled me aside and told me. You are the first.” I said with confusion in my voice. “Ok. I'm sorry to have upset you. You may go to your next class now.” I left the potions class, having now knowing that I need to get my grade up and I was kind of scared about what would happen in my next classes. As I walked into DADA, Professor Quirrell pulled me to the side and said to me that it was his class that I was doing the best in his class and he asked me why I was failing all of my other classes but his was my best when it was the opposite for all of the other students. I said that I didn't know how I was doing it but that I would try to keep up with the grades that I have. I went to my seat in a hurried fashion,I didn’t want to be noticed by the other students. Not a lot of kids got called up to talk to Quirrell, and when they did, it was because of a bad grade. Or worse, they were failing his class. Luckily for me it was the opposite. Good grade, and getting the best grades in the class. I didn't want to get embarrassed in front of the whole class. I got out my books before we were asked, and had already turned to the page. “ Please get out your books, and turn to page 134.” Said Quirrell. I had done so before he even asked and that earned me a quick side smile from him before he went back to explaining the lesson. We ended up learning about werewolves and the reason behind why they change on a full moon. It was an ok lesson but not one of my favorites. I had already done a lot of research on werewolves so I didn't learn too much new stuff. He told us that he expected a 7 paragraph essay by the end of the week meaning that we had 2 days to complete it. I knew that this was going to be so easy because Draco had given me a gift a couple days ago. The gift was a self writing quill. I had used it on any paperwork ever since. All I had to do was say what I wanted to write and it would do so. I figured that I could finish this essay by later today and turn it into Professor Quirrell. He would be so proud of me and I decided that I would add extra facts into the essay to make him really proud of me. When I walk into class the next morning, I went right to the Professor's desk and asked where I should turn in my essay. Professor Quirrell told me that he would take it himself and to go sit back down. The rest of the day went by in a blur. It seemed to go so fast. Before I knew it dinner was upon us. I went to sit at the table next to Draco. He asked me how my day was and I asked the same about his. We sat in silence eating our food for a bit, but then Dumbledore walked up to the pedestal and asked for silence. There was a hush that fell over the crowd. “There has been great misery and sorrow as your know about what happened with Ms. Norris, but I am afraid that it has been getting worse. Your fellow classmates have been getting attached to. We found another message on the walls. It said ‘Her skeleton will lie in the chamber forever.’ We think that we know who this message was directed about, but we do know for sure that Hogwarts is no longer as safe as it used to be. You all will need to have a teacher assist in bringing you anywhere you want to go for Hogwarts is no longer safe. Now go get some rest and we will talk more tomorrow. With that we all flooded out of the halls to our dorms.

Chapter 4

That morning, we all made our way to the Great Hall. Dumbledore was already waiting for us on his pedestal. His face had a grim look on it and I didn't think that he had anything good to say to us. Draco and I took our seats next to each other, and waited for the talk ahead of us. “We all must remain calm,but Hogwarts might be shut down if this mystery isn't solved. We have all of the staff on guard and helping to solve this problem. We advise all of you to travel in bigger groups. People that have been hurt have been traveling alone. If we all stay together this monster will have a harder time trying to pray on us, giving us a better chance to catch them. Now can Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley meet me in the infirmary please. Have a good day!!”said Dumbledore. We all flooded out wondering what Dumbledore wanted with those two. The rest of the day went by in a flood of fear and wonder. What was this monster, and how did it get here. I had come up with one idea. It was here when Hogwarts was first built, and has been here since then. That was the only thing that made any sense around here. I stayed by Draco and the other Slytherins. Draco promised to protect me no matter what. I felt safe with him. We had all of the same classes and extracurricular activities. We never had to leave each other if we didn't want to. We didn't. I decided that I should start taking extra precautions in case the thing was one of the students. I locked away all of my valuables and decided that i would sleep in the boys dorm with Draco until the murderer was caught. I went right to the boys dorm since the girls get into the boys dorm and the boys couldn't go to the girls. I slept on the floor, and I felt safe right there. When I woke up in the morning, we all got dressed and when to breakfast together. We all vowed to never leave each others side. We didn't want to get hurt. Or killed… After breakfast we went to our first class. The rest of the day went by surprisingly quick. After that we had dinner.Thankfully there hadn't been anything that had happened that day. Next we went out to the Quidditch pitch to practice. Draco was a Seeker and I was a Chaser. We went to change and came out with brooms in hand ready for practice. Today was the last day to practice until our game against Hufflepuff. We practiced long and hard that day. We ended up being out on the field until after lights out.

Chapter 5

That morning we made our way to the Great Hall only to be told that we would have to pack our stuff in 2 months if this mystery wasn't solved. I decided that I would try to take charge and ask some of the other Slytherins if they would like to help. I would need all the help I could get. Not even the teachers could figure this out. I decided to head straight to the library to do some research on what monsters would be able to get around school without people knowing. I found multiple things, but I didn't think that they were reasonable. I had thought that it might be spiders because they are small and surprisingly normal at Hogwarts. That seemed to simple. Plus the people were being petrified. They didn't have marks on them either. I continued my search. I eventually got told to leave the library and go back to my dorm. As I was walking back, I heard a voice coming for what seemed like the walls. I went to try and find the voice but I was unsuccessful. When I got to the common room. I went straight to my journal and decided to write down what I had head in the halls. It sounded like a snack but that couldn't be right. I decided that tomorrow I would go and do some research on different reptiles. As soon as I got to my bed and laid down, I feel right to sleep. I couldn't believe that I had gotten a lead. I would tell the other Slytherins what I had got in the morning. That morning we met in the common room and I told them what I had been planning. We headed to the Great Hall and took our seats like nothing had happened. We ate in silence. We waited to be dismissed and then we went straight to the library to do some research on snakes. Some of the Slytherin kids had managed to get into the restricted section of the library. We didn't leave until we were forced to leave. Even then we had decided that we would continue research tomorrow. We went to our class as if nothing had happened. I told them to be completely silent about it. Thankfully that Hermione girl wasn't there in the library. If she was then we would have been screwed. We would all got back to the library later that day and continue our research. We wanted to be the ones to find out what the monster was. Our house would get so many points if we could figure it out. We spent the next week searching to no avail. We decided that we would split up time. We would have specific days that we would search. Draco and I got Monday and Saturday with a group of other Slytherins. We spent another 2 weeks searching. I found something that I thought could be the monster but it didn't seem right. I figured that it had to be a big snake so when we got back to the common room, I told them that the monster had to be bigger. There was no way that a tiny snake could cause so much damage that Hogwarts would be closed down. It was already so close to the deadline for Hogwarts to close that I put everyone on over duties. We were all there everyday, every second of the day that we had free. We had to find out what this monster was. When I was looking through one of the books, I noticed that one of the pages of a book was ripped out. I thought that it was ripped out for a reason, but I didn't know for sure.

By: Karlyn 

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