Meme Busters: Lonk from Pennsylvania 10+

Meme Busters is a series produced by Alexander Stafford and takes ideas from modern culture to make something great.

As me, Henry, and my friends Betty and Cheese were discussing a plan, and Marbles snuggling in a corner, we heard screaming. We all immediately jumped up and looked out the window, and saw memes, disgusting, horrifying creature. We couldn’t see what they were doing, until we saw, the screams were not a memes battlecry, it was what the memes were doing that made the scream. They were attacking everyone… Our neighbor, Mr. Redshirt, who I never liked, was being beaten down by Shrek, the biggest meme. “I told you so.” I thought, but my thought was interrupted when we heard a bang and the words that I will never forget, which changed all of our lives… “I’m Lonk from Pennsylvania.” and then, we heard it again, with lots and lots of bangs on our door. Again and again we heard those words while we were barricading the door. Finally, something happened. Cheese suddenly broke through the door in rage after hearing it so many times and hit the meme right in the face with a crowbar. Then, as the meme fell down, Cheese jumped on top of him, and hit the meme, over and over. Suddenly, the meme got up, unscathed, and yelled once again, “I’m Lonk from Pennsylvania!” then, the meme grabbed the crowbar and beat down Cheese until something interesting happened. I jumped down on to the meme, filled with adrenaline, and beat the meme until Cheese got up, then, I jumped to the ladder, and climbed up. Finally, the meme left for a new target.

Sarah Xander