Meme Busters: The Beginning 10+

Meme Busters is a series produced by Alexander Stafford and takes ideas from modern culture to make something great.

Henry was a normal man, but he had one, questionable, quality. He knew EVERYTHING about memes. It was another quite normal day in Henry’s College History class, his teacher, Ms. Kunkle, was a tall yet lanky person, but that was not who was in class, it was a substitute, which was usually who was here anyway, so she was basically our teacher. The substitute was small and stout, yet very smart, yet she wasn’t even in here. The person in here was a man, talking in what I can only assume a new language, where the only word was oof. His head was a slight cylinder, and he had what looked lying orange spray tan covered. Some of Henry’s classmates were acting different too. One was getting in long talks about onions, one was talking about “his spaghetti” and one was never even here before, saying they were exchange students from Pennsylvania. Then, Henry realized something… The Memes were coming. As he thought, all the weird people, burst out there costumes, and did something unexpected. They ran. Being discovered, the memes had to leave, but we already won. We knew the destructive properties of memes. I ran out of school, away from the memes, to home, but you never go alone in the apocalypse. I picked up my security dog, Marbles, a adorable corgi, and then herded my friends, Betty and Cheese. Betty was a very nice young adult, and was the smallest of all my friends, while Cheese, who’s real name is only known by him and his parents, even though everyone is sure it’s Charles. Cheese was a tall yet not very intelligent adult, the oldest in my class by 3 years, yet the one who has the most friends. He told his friends everything he knew about these memes and deduced that he needed to make a treehouse to have a home base, and so, they started construction on the treehouse, making it with extra logs he had lying around, and nails and hot glue. His neighbors were judging him for being an adult who made tree houses, but Henry thought that at least we won’t be killed by a giant ogre, or even a prehistoric sponge. Finally, we were done. We decided to sit down, and think of a plan.

Sarah Xander