Vast Part 1


Adrenaline rushed through him. He thought about his current state, inside a private jet, holding the world's most dangerous computer program ever to have been put into existence. The fate of the world rested on him. He took a deep breathe, went for the emergency door opened it and jumped. His name was Xern, an average middle school boy whose life was about to be changed forever.

He sighed, he really didn't want to go to school today. He didn't really have any choice though. ¨Mom I'm heading to school!¨ Xern said. Well at least he got to bike to school as that is one of his favorite activities. During 1st period he was bored since he had already finished that days assignment, he took out his phone and checked his texts. He had one text from a anonymous number. All of a sudden he heard ¨What are you doing, Xern?¨ said Mr. Rivera. ¨Checking my grade in this class, sir.¨ said Xern. ¨Oh really, you weren't looking at your texts then?¨ said Mr. Rivera. ¨No, sir¨. said Xern. ¨Ok¨ said Mr. Rivera. I'm saved thought Xern. It wasn't over yet, what about that text…?

Xern looked back at his phone. He went to check his messages and then decided it could wait until later. He looked back at it, he clicked the text notification. It said ¨Do you want to be known for what you can do?¨ At first, Xern didn't understand what it meant then he realized it meant… He thought about the offer. He could finally use his abilities for the greater good. He could use his supernatural mind reading, telekinesis, and invisibility.

By: Zayan Hossain 

Sarah Xander