The Guardians of Power and the Book of Time Character Bios

Character Bios

By: Ann Edwards, Ava Nelson, and Lily Percy

Hey Galileo! We apologize for the delay of the story, but if you know how long it takes to write a good chapter, then you know what we’re going through. But, we have the character bios set up for you to take a look at, and quite possibly choose your favourite character. We are hoping to get the first chapter out next week on wednesday, but if not then it will be done by next Friday. We hope you enjoy! See you soon, *all three wave simultaneously*



Kyle Goodwin:  

Powers: Fire

Year: Freshman

Age: 13

Birthday: October 18th 2004

Made by Ava N. 

Description: Has a copper color of hair, and is kinda tan. He has blue eyes and a pinkish tint to his lips. He usually wears the same Yale sweatshirt with a plain colored t-shirt and some casual jeans. His shoes are Yale shoes. He doesn’t have many friends at school because he is the youngest, being thirteen, he skipped a grade because he was smart enough to. His dream is to go to Yale. At school, he’s classified as  “a geek/nerd”and a “child” because he skipped a grade and is the youngest. He has a sister but they don't talk to each other. He is a naturally loud person, but people don’t know that because know one hangs out with him.  When he is pulled into a study group, we hopes he can earn one friend from it. He figures out he got powers three months ago when he had his thirteenth B-day.



Celeste Wolf:

Powers: Shadows

Year: Sophomore

Age: 15

Birthday: April 1st, 2002

Made by Ava N.

Description: Her original hair color is black, but she was bored one day so she decided to dye it an blue ombre with a little green. She has dark blue eyes with natural reddish lips and has a very pale skin tone. She always wears her favourite sweatshirt and hat with a Harry Potter t-shirt or some Percy Jackson t-shirts (not limited to these). She wears normal leggings with her favorite shoes. She trapped being the middle child with an older brother and a younger brother. She is in the lone wolf category because she is classified as “weird” and “emo wanna be”, but once you get to know her you realize that she’s just a little weird. She usually listens to Halsey, Imagine Dragons, or Twenty One Pilots during school because it keeps her focused. When she is pulled into a study group with a bunch of people that she doesn’t know, she hopes they won’t reject her because of her difference. She remembers getting her powers around her thirteenth B-day.



Aura Wilkerson

Birthday - May 18, 2002

16 years old & Sophomore

Water Element

Made by Ann E.

Her voice is a kind of  quiet and she has a hard time advocating for herself when she needs to. It also doesn’t help that she is very small, and she is older than she looks. Her Mom passed away  when she was 9 years old. It was tough and that is what made her kind of shy. Her Dad doesn’t really understand since he is a boisterous and social guy. He tries to give her advice but it only ends up upsetting her. When her powers start bursting out in class and she gets pulled into a study group she starts to open up a little bit. She starts to be less serious and starts to stand up for herself and become more social. After she learns to use her powers she is the most controlled and focused on her abilities in the group.



Carter Ashford

Birthday - August 24, 2004

14 years old & Freshman

Air Element

Made by Ann E.

He is a pretty cool kid. He is friends with almost everyone in his grade. He has pretty good grades but that's only because his parents get really stressed whenever he gets bad grades. His family is kind of poor, and his parents worry about everything. So he tries to put them at ease by doing well in school and doing things on time. Also he goes to church for sunday mass with his parents. He doesn’t really care about any of the new trends and he is an example for many of the boys at school. When his powers started bursting out, many of his friends stopped hanging out with him. Then when he got put into a study group he is a little upset that he got Air instead of a more impactful power. He didn’t really embrace his power, and he is most clumsy with his powers.   




Name: Avani Goodwin


Birthday: March 20, 2002

Made by Lily P.

Description: Avani is still learning since she found out about her powers after turning 13. She and Kyle are siblings that don’t talk to each other at school but fight most of the time at home. She is pretty loud when she needs to be but silent at school. She loves gazing at the stars at night because she can get away from her brother and because she thinks the stars are awesome. Also she loves to go on horse rides in the woods. Her horses name is Cinnamon. She is 16 years old.


Blond Hair With Blue Eyes (15).jpg


Name: Alina Quinn


Birthday: February 19, 2001

Made by Lily P.

Description: When she first turned 13 she found out that she could transform light out of her hands and lighten up any dark room.  She is one of the coolest Senior in the high school. She is an only child and loves to do her makeup every single day. Almost every single person in the high school  looks up to her. She loves fashion and makeup so much she never does P.E but does dance and swimming. She always wears dresses to school.  She is 17 years old!


Sarah Xander