The End Part 1

The End Part 1 Book 4

By: Alexander Stafford

Today was a sad day in Town Town, as Mr. 911’s wife, Ms. 911, got cancer from lip contact with her main allergy, Gators. Mr. 911 was grieving with Ms. 911 when Henry the Hippo and Gary the Gator came walking over. “Mr. 911, I’m sorry for your wife. I don’t know how this happened. By the way, what happened?” stated Gary. “Gary, you kissed Ms. 911, remember?” asked Henry. “No, Henry I kissed a blender.” said Gary. Mr. 911 then responded with a yell and said, “Gary, you kissed my wife?! I thought it was Henry! You had no lips. How did you kiss my wife?” “Your wife cut off all my lips.” responded Gary. “See, I told you Gary kissed your wife Mr. 911 and that she should get to the hospital.” Said Henry. Mr. 911 swiftly responded, “No you didn’t!” “Well I thought it.” responded Henry. After Henry said that, Ms. 911 spoke her last word, “Mr. 911, I...I…..I married…. You…… for the money.” and then she was gone. Mr. 911, Henry, and Gary sat in silence for a minute until Gary said, “When will she wake up? I’m getting bored of this silence.” “She won’t wake up Gary, she’s dead. Apologize for killing Ms. 911. It’s your fault.” Henry said. “Sorry Mr. 911, even though I don’t know why I’m saying this.” responded Gary. “Sorry? Don’t apologize. Ms. 911 doesn't exist! I just wanted a free name change, so I said I took her maiden name, and made up her voice. I should be thanking you, I was planning on faking her death soon anyway!” yelled Mr. 911, letting the whole hospital hear. “You're under arrest Mr. 911, for faking marriage and faking a death, which would lead to a lot of money going toward you.” yelled a cop that looked like a giant cinnamon roll. “I didn’t mean to Mr. 999. I just wanted a free name change. Well… that still sounds kind of wrong.” stated Mr. 911. “We’ve been on to you since you got married those 18 years ago, but we had no proof, but now, we do, Sir Gary Sniffleton!” yelled Mr. 999. “Wait… what? His name is Sniffleton. I’m not gonna laugh I’m not-- pfft. That’s… unfortunate.” said Henry as Gary was laughing as loud as possible. “Help me Henry, were friends right, help me out here and get me out of jail.” pleaded Sniffleton. “Umm, how are we friends Mr. Sniffleton, you arrested me twice, once for eating a cookie, which was the not living kind, and arresting me for something I didn’t do, so count this as my revenge.” Henry responded, with a big grin on his face, because, y’know, Sniffleton. “I’ll get you for this Henry!!!” screamed Mr. Sniffleton as Mr. 999 was dragging him away. Gary, finally stopped his laughing and said, “When’s the funeral?” The End...

Sarah Xander