The Lips 10+

The Lips Book 3

By: Alexander Stafford

It was winter in Town Town, bears sleeping, reptiles freezing, and yelling roomates telling you the story, is about to begin. “Hey Gary, how was your da- What is wrong with your lips?! Are they chapped or something?” yelled Henry. “What lips?” Gary asked. “The ones you don’t have.” Henry said. “What do I not have?” Gary asked. “LIPS!!!!!!” Henry yelled frustratingly. “Hey, do you want to here the story about what happened to my lips?” Gary asked, angering Henry. “Finally! What?” Henry yelled. “This story is very long, are you sure you wanna hear it?” Gary asked. “I have all day Gary, just tell me! If it’s just that there chapped though, I will harm you.” Henry yelled. “I kissed a blender.” Gary said as Henry backed away as someone busted down the door. “Why did you kiss my wife!” Mr. 911 yelled. “It’s not what you think Mr. 911, I never kissed anyone today!” Henry yelled, not wanting to go back to jail. “I heard someone say they kissed my wife, and this man has no lips, so it must have been you Henry, and I thought you changed after being in jail all those years...” stated Mr. 911. “I was only in jail for 2 minutes!” Gary yelled. “Thanks for taking this hooligan out of my house Mr. 911.” Said Gary as Henry was cursing as he was being dragged away. After Mr. 911 left, Gary said, “I’m gonna go kiss a blender.” The End...

Sarah Xander