The Clown Statue 2 10+

This is an add on of The Clown Statue article written down below in the Writer's Corner section.

She panicked and rolled off the couch, after a few moments she wegged herself under the couch and tried to quiet her breathing. The Clown then said “I know you're in here pathetic little girl” is a sing song voice. She then heard a swish and the a thump, then another swish, followed by a thump, this happened 4 more times before she realised that he was stabbing things to try and find her. Then she saw the oversized shoes only inches from her face, she braced for the coming pain but it never came. She held her breath for 1 second then 2 then 3 and finally she saw the foot turn and walk away and go back up the stairs. She thought to herself “great he’s gone and doesn’t.-” That's when she heard a child scream “Holy crap on a cracker” she whispered to herself as she crawled out and dashed up the stairs. She saw a child at the top of the stairs on the 2nd floor and the clown dashing up the stairs at him knife raised she yelled up at the kid to jump. He did and she didn't catch him but she was able to slow his fall enough that he wasn’t hurt.

The clown just started laughing and said “O how sweet that the little girl thinks she can save them from me, well she will learn that that's not the case soon enough won't she. He he he he.” She whispered to the kid that he needed to go call 911 then hide. She then told the clown “I believe that you are the one who will learn that you are going to lose” His face took on a sudden intensity and then with amazing agility he flew over the railing and hit her square in the chest knocking her on to her back and onto the ground. Laughing he then pinned her on the ground and said “ Lets play a game, i’ll pick a number 1 through 10 then you pick one and for every number off you are you lose 1 finger… I got it, now what’s your number.” After a few moments of careful concentration she said “10” hoping that he had tried to get as far away from the most common answer of 5. “Dang it. You have officially made me mad little girl so you can just lose your hands.” the Clown said. Then she heard a clattering, a few seconds latter the clown screamed out in pain. He then fell off her and had blood seeping down his head, she looked up and saw glass on the floor and the child standing there with a glass in his hand and more on the counter next to him. Twenty-four minutes later the cops showed up and arrested the unconscious clown and the parents came back and the babysitter was practically part of the family after that.

By: Ethan Libera 

Sarah Xander