The Clue: 10+

The Clue

Book 2

By: Alexander Stafford

Two weeks after a murder, it’s quiet in Town Town, except in the apartment of Gary and Henry, which was actually louder than usual. “Le gasp! It’s a clue!” Gary yelled as he saw a note on the floor. “Hey Gary, I’m going to Hawaii until this murder stuff cools off. Love, your best friend.” Gary read. “I need to solve this mystery! To Hawaii!” Gary yells as he jumps into his Mercedes and drives into the ocean. “I’m drowning! I’m drow… oh wait… I’m not! I’m a superhero!” Gary the “Super” Gator yelled. Gary finally reached Hawaii and saw his friend, Henry the Hippo, sitting on a chair. “Hey Henry! Have you seen this murd-- WAIT!!!! You monster!” Gary yelled! Henry, frightened, said “It’s not what you think, I was just-” “You’re eating a cookie! You nasty man, he had a family!” Gary yelled as he called 911. “Hello, 911 here.” “My friend Henry is eating a cookie!” Gary schreached as Henry was terrified. “Sir… we thank you for telling us about this vile act, we’ll be there right away. This could help me about my case of the murder in Town Town!” Mr. 911 said. 2 minutes later, a giant cookie jumped out the window and arrested Henry, “What do you have to say for yourself!” He said. “I made him myself!” Henry pleaded! “Even more vile, eating your own children. Just like you did in Town Town” Mr. 911 yelled. “They were just cookies!!!” Henry yelled as he was dragged by Mr. 911 to the chopper. “Meet me back by six for dinner! Were having cookies for dessert!” Gary yelled. The End...

Sarah Xander