The Stroll: 10+

The Stroll Book 1

By: Alexander Stafford

Henry the Hippo and Gary the Gator were on a nice stroll through Town Town, the place they were both born. Henry and Gary noticed something on there stroll, and cat in a tree!!! “Kitty, are you ok?” Henry yelled. “I’m fine!” yelled the cat! Gary was confused, but realized that he too, is a talking animal, and freaked out. “Henry!!! Animals aren't supposed to talk!!!!” Gary yelled. “It’s ok Gary… we all live in this weird world, and go through this moment, but then we give up on carrying… you just took your time to get here…” Henry intrevined. Both Henry and Gary heard something, and saw the bank exploded, destroying all the money! “I thought this was supposed to be a light-hearted story.” Gary mopped. “Life isn’t always so nice Gary… how about we get an Ice Cream and call it a nice stroll.” Henry said. “You’re right, let’s get some Ice Cream.” Gary agreed. And then Henry and Gary decided to go get some Ice Cream… wait? What about the bank? People are burning in there. “Oh yeah! I forgot! We need to get Ice Cream for them too!” Gary yelled. The End...

Sarah Xander