Alien Apocalypse: 10+

Alien Apocalypse

By: Shiri Shisgal

No one would believe what happened that night. They don’t want to believe. It’s outside of everyone’s thoughts. But it happened. And I should know, I was there. If started to believe in what happened then I would save the world from chaos and destruction.

Now if you’re like everyone else, which you should be, you think I’m talking Chicken Little all over again. “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!” But Nohoho. That is what everyone else thinks and what they need to stop thinking. Everyone is preparing for an alien invasion and they’re not gonna get it, because… it was just a movie shot.

You’re probably thinking “what, really?” and I’m just like “Yes, really.” Because… I’m the director. And again “Yes, really.” We just shot it in public with real people, cause it looks Sooo much better. You’re probably thinking “what dumbo thought of that?” And it’s just “Me, you dumbo. Kids these days.” So thank you for believing me. (incoherent screaming in the background) Oh brother. (forehead slap)

Sarah Xander