The Tale of Opposites

The Tale of Opposites:


By Ava Nelson and Delaney Urchuk

“Mommy, the other kids won’t let me play with them!” Bexleys younger self frowned. “Oh why do you even bother with them. If you really want, I can make them play with you.” Bexleys mother stated, starting to grin. “That won’t help,” cries Bexley, “It is because of you they won’t let me play. Maybe if I just ask nicely-” An angered voice cuts in, “Nicely?” Bexleys father continues, “Why would we ask nicely my princess?” “Because that’s what my teacher said to do, she told the whole class one day, that if you ask nicely, you’ll get anything you want!” Bexley stated. “Nicely, doesn’t get you anything in this world. To get what you want, you take charge.” Her father said in a stern voice while walking out of the door. “No!” Cried Bexley. Looking back on that moment, she realised how ashamed she was of her parents. “Princess, dinner's ready!!” Called a voice from downstairs. Because that is exactly what I want to be doing right now, Bexley thought to herself. Go through another one of those evil dinners with my parents that I have had to live through for twelve years. Suddenly a timid voice came from the corridor, “Ma’am, you’re needed d-d-downstairs-s-s.” “Thank you Agatha.” Bexley said kindly to her parents servant. She felt bad for poor Agatha, having to deal with her parents 24/7. “I shall head down there now.” Bexley smiled, nodding to Agatha as she headed downstairs. When she got to the dinning room, her parents were talking heatedly. They won’t miss me if I leave for just a little bit. She thought. She hadn’t been able to see her friends in a while. She crept outside, looking for her friends. Her parents insisted on having dinner an hour earlier than normal people, so her friends were all sitting under a tree. The twins, Phoenix and Phoebe, were the ones who noticed her, as Axel and Willow were talking. And they were throwing acorns and one of them hit her. “Thanks you two.” Bexley mumbled angrily at the twins. This was when Willow noticed her. She threw herself onto Bexley in a hug, completely forgetting about Axel. The tree they were under, the only magical one around, sensed this hug, and wanted to include itself in it. When they managed to get out, the tree went back to a normal state. “So, now that you two are done being all mushy,” Axel stated, “Why have you been ignoring us?” Sometimes, Bexley wished he could stop being smart and start being sensitive more. “Parents.” She grumbled, wishing he hadn’t brought it up. Just then, she started to get dizzy, the world spinning around her. The two flashes of red from the twins hair, the brown turning into the blond, signalling Willow and her nature powers, and the focused look and blond hair above her, with Axel trying to read her mind. That was all she saw. Well, before she blacked out.


Chapter 1:

The Unknown, is Known


When Bexley woke up, there was a leaf on top of her face, a really big leaf. Those twins are going to get it one of these days. She thought to herself. She pushed it off of her face to find everyone just lounging around, eating apples. “Find this a simple matter, do you?” She asked to no one in particular. “Well, I already found out your parents did it.” Axel replied matter-of-factly. “Well?” Bexley questioned harshly.”What did they do it for?” Everyone stopped at this. “Well,” Willow started. Phoenix then cut in, “Don’t. It will be way to lengthy, and definitely will not help the situation.” As they started arguing back and forth, Bexley got very impatient. “Guys!”She shouted, “This isn’t helping. What was it for?” “Your father noticed you were missing. I don’t think he knows quite where you are or that you’re with us, but he is close.” Axel stated, starting to look semi-worried. “But,” He continued on, “Your light powers blocked him out, as an instinct.” “Whoa, weird.”Was all Bexley managed to breath out. “We aren’t sure how your light powers did it, but they did, and it saved us!” Willow squeaked. While they conversed, the twins went over to the side and started doing little spit contests. One lands on Axel, and he loses it, to put it nicely. “Are you kidding me?” Axel shrieked. “Do you know how many germs have just touched me. You all need me to figure out anything, and now I am probably going to be sick. Nice going you guys.” “Slow down there, pal.” Phoenix says in a fake cowboy voice. “I would watch what you say around the little misses around these parts.” Phoebe then joins in, clearly enjoying herself. “Why yes, my fine sir, that wasn’t a very nice thing to say.” She says in a very girly voice, which is very unlike her. “Cut it out, all of you!” Bexley shouts, although smirking. “Axel, I am plenty intelligent enough to hold up ship if you were gone for a month, let alone a few days. And you two,” She motioned to the  twins. She was cut off before she could say anything by a twig cracking. The twins instinctively turned into phoenix’s while willow turned into a tree and scooped up Axel and Bexley. The twins then landed on a branch to make it look natural.  Well, as natural as two phoenix's could. They hid behind two bunches of leaves to hide themselves even more. They waited about thirty seconds before they saw Agatha walking around the corner, and Bexley didn’t know what to do. Turn back, or stay hidden? She thought to herself. With a leap of faith, she jumped off of Willow, motioning for all of them to do the same. “Erm, hi Agatha.” Bexley said guiltily. All of the others showed themselves sheepishly. The twins, for once, were being serious. Until phoebe discovered that a stick fight would be better. “Why hello there, Willow, that was a lot of skill you showed there. And Axel, figuring out about Bexley’s parents.” Agatha smiled. “How do you know who we are?” Willow asked worriedly. “Or more importantly, what we can do. Can you do it? That would make sense, I mean-” Axel rambled on, until Agatha cut him off laughing. “ Yes, I am magical. And a sort-of spy for a band of people working to stop the evil,” Agatha eyed Bexley, “In this world. That’s how I know who you are. I know everybody around here and the outskirts of town.” “Well that’s good to know.” Phoenix shouted while poking his sister with a stick. “Can’t get away with anything when she’s around.” Phoebe said. Phoenix followed with a simple, “I bet.” “Maybe so, Phoenix. And you as well Phoebe, but fun is different, your pranks are harmless.” Agatha reassured the twins. “Well, Miss Bexley and I must go now, before she gets caught. Say goodbye to your friends and head in before you get caught, Miss.” She said walking off. “Well, I guess that’s my cue to leave.” Bexley said before giving everyone a hug and walking off, wondering how much Agatha knew about them, and if she was trustworthy enough to keep her secrets. We will just have to find out. She thought, bracing herself to see her parents. Just have to find out.



Chapter 2:

The sight of the unseen

A few days later, when they met up again, the twins gave everyone a pair of glasses that they made. Supposedly, they made you pay more attention to the little details. Specifically, how people look. So as they put it on, everyone took notice to the others looks. Bexley, with her pale skin, black hair, and crystal blue eyes. Willow, her brown hair, extremely pale skin and green eyes. Phoenix with his red hair, tan skin, freckles, and blue eyes. Phoebe, who was identical except for her green eyes. And Axel, with an average pale skin, blonde hair, and hazel eyes. As the friends looked around, they saw these little details that made them appreciate more. When they looked around, it made everyone, besides Willow, appreciate the meaning of nature. Eventually, they did have to take the glasses off and come back to the real world.


“Turns out that nature goes along with human details.” Phoebe joked, “That might be a flaw in our system.”


“A flaw?” Willow near-shouted, “I see the nature all the time. It’s like,” Willow struggled to keep her voice down and come up with something to describe how she felt, “Like what I see, isn’t seen by the people who are seen. So, it is like the sight of the unseen, or me.” She finished quietly.


“Well,” Axel said, “That was deep.”


As silence pursued them, they all thought about Willow, how no one really noticed her, and how the only thing she had in common with her best friend, and that was how misunderstood she was. As the friends sat in the silence, they looked at each other, wondering what else they didn’t know about them.


There was a long pause before  someone dared speak. It was Phoebe. “I never realized how beautiful nature is Willow, the fact that you can see it all the time is definitely a gift.” Then she yelled tag slapped her brother, and ran for her dear life.


“Okay,” Said Bexley when the twins were done running around, “What else do I not know about you all?”


The rest of the day, they sat there, sharing new facts about them, and everyone learning more than they ever had before.



Chapter 3:

The introduction of evil

About a month after their last meeting, they all gathered around the tree. But as they set up a blanket to sit on, two men came straight up to the children. Both men looked to be in their early twenties. One was very short, with white hair and a tan. The other one was slightly taller than average height, with brown hair, pale skin and green eyes. So, an older, boy version, of Willow. The children stopped to look up in amazement at the taller one, and looking back at Willow.


“Hello Bexley, I have travelled far to talk to you.” He said, completely ignoring Willow, and the fact that if they were the same age they could be twins. “Me?” Bexley asked confusedly, “Why me?” The twins therefore decided that this was boring, and decided to climb a tree and see who can throw acorns the farthest.


“Well, you are the daughter of your parents, the most evil people I know of.” He exclaimed, grinning evilly. Phoenix decided he didn’t like the way he was grinning so he threw an acorn at his head, and struck home hitting him square between his eyebrows. “And what was that for?” He questioned angrily.


“Whatever do you mean, Theodore?” Axel asked innocently. Theodore adapted a look of angry surprise. “How do you know my name child?” Theodore questioned harshly. “The same way I know your favorite color is maroon, your least favorite thing in this world is nature, and your goal in this world, and the reason you are here, talking to Bexley, is because you want power.” Axel lashed out, glad he could confuse the man in front of him, claiming to want Bexley for help, and not to gain power. And confuse him it did. “Maybe I should acquire your help and not Bexleys.” He said, mainly to himself, “But I ask again, and for a real answer this time, how do you so much about me?”


“How do you know so little about me?” A curious voice floated across the clearing. “When clearly,” Willow got louder, “You look just like me?” Willow was very obviously angry and confused at this point. She had a look that said, if you don’t answer me truthfully or at all, things will not end well. So here, Theodore decided he would humor himself and the girl by replying. “Well,” He said, “I don’t even know your name. I was forbidden to be seen around this village, so I was forced elsewhere. I know my parents reside in this village, but that is all I know. Because of the powers that I posses, I lived in a hut with a witch in the middle of a forest, until I recently turned twenty four and was deemed old enough to venture out on my own.”  “Mhmm,” Willow started, clearly agitated, “And what power is that?” Theodore didn’t hesitate in saying his powers. “Dark, of course.” He said smugly.


“I didn’t know that power existed besides my parents.” Bexley testified. “They don’t, not yet anyway,” Theodore started before being cut off by an acorn, “If it doesn’t exist yet, why did you say that you had them?” Phoenix questioned “Because the power will be mine, wether you believe it or not!” He exclaimed, stalking off.


There was a loud pop and Phoebe turned into her phoenix form and then turned back. “Did you guys forget me or something?” “No,” Bexley started, “Just caught up with those weirdos. And not the good kind, either.” “Whatever.” replied Phoebe.

A few seconds passed. “Well,” Axel stated “His power is wind. I am surprised that he didn’t make a tornado and sweep us away.” And that conversation ended with a parade of nervous laughter, ending the day with more questions than it began.


Chapter 4: The Kidnapping

It was about a month after she told Theodore that she wouldn’t support him and his need for power. So that night after a month of anxiousness Bexley laid down, knowing something was going to happen tonight. Axel had a whole chart on the possibilities, but little did she know, the one thing he didn’t chart was what would happen. She was up later than usual, reading when the wind started picking up through the open window, she shut it wondering what was going on when she smelled something funny. Her vision was going blurry when she remembered what Axel said a while back. “His power is wind.” ‘Oh no’ is all she could muster in her mind to think about as her system of awareness started shutting down, leaving her helpless. Just then, Phoebe and Phoenix flew in through the window, with really worried faces. ‘That’s it’ she thought, ‘I WILL stay awake!’  There was a bright flash and she came back to full awareness and she saw the twins crying faces. “We thought you were dying!” cried Phoebe. “What happened?” Bexley mumbled, suddenly extremely tired. “We noticed a change in wind speed and then we remembered what Axel said so we came rushing over.” said Pheonix very quickly. “We have to go. Follow us to a safe house and we can explain there. This isn’t safe.” Phoebe said, wiping her dry tears while doing so. When they got to the safe house, they explained what happened. “I will put this quickly, and it may not be gentle, but it needs to be over with so we can think of what we are going to do.” Axel said, looking worried. “You were almost kidnapped. Discuss.” “Way to ease her into Axel. You are supposed to be the smart one!” Willow snapped. “Sorry. I am just confused.” She said, back to her quiet self. They all looked over to Bexley, who was staring into space with a confused and scared look on her face. “So,” Bexley said, after what seemed like ages of silence, “I was just nearly kidnapped, taken from my home, and am now on the run. And yet, I am sort of happy. Scared silly and confused, but happy. I feel good about my life.” “Like everything is going to end up alright.” Willow continued. That night, in that little cave, they all fell asleep happy, and didn’t see the animals eyes peering at them, studying them, and watching them from the bushes.


Chapter 6

The Intruder?

“Agatha! Is that you? You look different.” Bexley noted, looking over her family's servant. She looked better, healthier, more confident even.

“Yes Bexley, it is me. I am here to warn you. Theo has taken to your parents’ side, and they are giving him all the power they can. I also have a plentiful amount of supplies for you.”

While the twins grabbed the supplies, Axel, Willow, and Bexley helped Agatha get comfortable, as she had travelled a long way.

“That trip must have been tiring.” Willow conversed with Agatha, a hint of pity in her voice. “It’s a long trip from our town.”
“Just a wee bit. But, some sleep might do me good. Thank you all for letting me stay. Your hospitality greets me warmly.”

“Of course Miss Agatha. Nothing less for any person of decent reasoning.” Axel said, giving her a cup of tea. “We thank you kindly for the supplies, we were running quite low.”

“Of course, dear. And call me Agatha. Although respectful, ‘Miss’ just doesn't feel right.”

“While I would love to have a nice chat, we really need to talk about the matters at hand.” Bexley said, not wanting to sound rude, “You said Theodore has taken the side of my parents, and is gaining power?”

“Yes. But that is also why I am here. I am actually quite progressed in the field of magic. I taught it for a while before becoming a servant to you parents.” She said gesturing to Bexley. She looked grim before starting again, “But I would like to teach you all, advance your magic if you will, so that you are prepared to fight against Theodore, because if he grows more powerful, you become weaker. But, if you all gain better control of your abilities, than he will grow weaker, as there are 5 of you and one of him. Are you all ok with my help?” She asked.


They all agreed in unison, but as they ate dinner they all glanced worriedly at the curtain that contained Agatha right behind it. ‘Is she as qualified as she says she is? Are we really growing weaker? Will we have to fight Theodore soon?’ These thoughts resonated in their heads, not leaving, and not calming them down. Only Willow seemed calm, but she trusted everyone that hadn’t done her wrong. At least, that’s what they thought. Not even she knew, she was growing stronger on her own, unlocking a new ability as soon as Agatha stepped foot in the cave, having waited for this, well, her whole life. As they went to sleep that night, Willow slept peacefully, unaware of the woman checking in on her hourly, checking her temperature, and most of all, checking her mind.  



My deepest apologies fans of “The Tale of Opposites”, but in the change of semesters, we have lot one of our authors so we have to discontinue this story. But, on the brightside, I will be doing another story with new authors most likely so you can look forward to that! My sincerest apologies once more!


By: Ave Nelson

Sarah Xander