RANIA pt. 1

Another day, another stupid day a muttered to myself. My name is Rania  De Nijara and I got out of my bed, stretched  and hugged my dog ,Ammit. Ammit was a sweetheart and I didn’t want to leave him, but if my dad Abayomi II was kept waiting he would be really mad ,and make me skip breakfast. Abayomi II means bringer of happiness, which i find  ironic because he is the most mean and strict person i have ever met. When i met my dad at the breakfast table he was frowning at me and handed me a slip of paper. There was a list on it saying:

  1. Go check on slaves

  2. Take care of Ammit Then practice

  3. Go to the priests

I saw that the slip at the bottom was torn and i said to dad “ Why is the bottom torn, dad.”  Dad replied with a nasty look at me “ I didn’t think you could be trusted with the last one so I will do it myself my little queen.” He looked at me and when he said that he gave me a truly evil look, you would have thought he was hosting Set the god of violence and all that good stuff. Oh and I forgot  to mention, my father is the pharaoh of 2035 a new world ruled by egyptian rules and gods. I went immediately to my bedroom and changed into a traditional warrior outfit, my father doesn’t approve of me wanting to be a warrior, but he also knows that if he got rid of my training I would be in  all of his business. I sighed and walked out of the palace ready for any nonsense thrown at me from dad. I made it to the slave camp and rung the gong made to wake up the slaves. Dad wanted me to rule the slave base-camp to make sure I knew how to rule properly. I walked into my tent and started doing a schedule for the slaves. I knew it was wrong to have slave, heck if I was the queen I would ban it, but if I stood up to my father he would either execute, or imprison me. My favorite person walked through the tent flap, dad. Behind him were guards two of them were holding something in a sack, they flipped the sack upside down and out tumbled my best friend Ubaid, which means  Servant (domestic) small slave. My father started to say” Tell your mutt to shut up and come quietly! You cannot be queen if you don’t rule over your subjects!” The pharaoh went up to Ubaid and slash his face with a khopesh. Ubaid flinched then looked down letting his blood drip. I looked my  father and screamed “ WHAT DID UBAID EVER DO TO YOU!!” Then almost immediately a scribe came and started writing. Dad started explaining to her how he was walking in the base-camp to see how I was doing and out of nowhere a guard got hit in the face with a pebble. The guard fell and Ubaid came out of the bushes and started laughing on the mud floor dad’s guards seized him and he started thrashing only after they put him in the bag did he start screaming “ I know your princess, you have no right to do this and command me!” I looked angrily at Ubaid and turned my  head, my father left and I looked at Ubaid again. When I helped him up I put a bandage on the cut and he sat down. I then grabbed the  schedule I made and walked out the tent flap. When I returned I at the end of the day I saw Ubaid passed out on the carpet holding a box tightly. When I woke Ubaid up he immediately try to hide the box, and he rushed out. When I finished handing in the paperwork, I went to the palace, took care of Ammit and walked with him to the stadium. I got to the stadium  my trainer, Sabra his name means patient and he really is. When i lit his tea on fire trying to make it he just sat there and put it out. He took turns cycling through the week with my other instructor, Qubilah  which means peaceful. Sabra said “today I want you to stretch out and then pick out your weapon to use. I will tell you the rest when that is completed. Oh, and princess don’t light anything on fire.”  I blushed and said “ That was a one time thing Sabra, i’m sorry!” Sabra already had an idea on me somehow. I mean he was hired yesterday,but still ! I did some push-ups ,then I was going to start some lunges, when a guy came from nowhere and said “ Move it girl, you shouldn’t even be in here, what are you a water girl?” I looked at him, got up and slapped him. He staggered and said “ Oh, you want to go, even though you’re the princess that is all you are!” I stood up and challenged him, saying if I beat him in a fight he would be kicked off the court, if he won he could kick me off. We started and he immediately kicked me in the shin, I staggered and studied him , he was the reckless type and he didn’t calculate even how hard he was swinging. I jump up, grabbed his arm and used his strength to make him fall into the bleachers. He said “ Crap! Fine you win, but you’re still a girl made to sit and look pretty.” Just then my instructor came and said “ out Sekhet! You can’t be the tough guy who makes my job hard!!” Even though I didn’t understand egyptian well I remember Sekhet means powerful. When Sabra came back he was clutching Ubaid’s arm and saying “ son you can’t be in the camps anymore you hang out with me in the stadium’s guest rooms  because you are too much trouble!” Ubaid saw me and said “ can I sit in the bleachers for now, dad.” Sabra let go and nodded, he then continued to come over to me. He said “ Did you pick a weapon yet, miss?” I looked over to the rack and chose a dagger. Sabra shook his head and walked over to me he also gave me a scabbard. I looked at him, puzzled but he just nodded to a single-arched bow and finally grabbed it. He handed it to me and i took it, i finally took the hint and put the scabbard on my jeans and stuffed the dagger in it. I then put the bow in my right hand. Sabra grinned and said “ There you go kiddo!” I noticed he finally stopped calling me princess, and I grinned. I spent about 3 hours after that, training and improving my skills with the bow and dagger. I checked my watch and told Sabra “I have to go i’ll see you tomorrow Mr. Sabra!” I packed up my stuff and put the bow up. I then ran to the temples,and bust through the doors, like Hulk. The priests  looked at me and my friend Rashida ran up and tackled me in a bear hug. Rashida means righteous.When the priests finished blessing dead people or whatever ,they scolded me for breaking down a door and shouting “ I’M HERE!!!” The priests decided to do something more subtle, so they decided that I should know what the proper attire for being in a temple is. I looked down  and saw that i still had my ripped up jeans on, I excused myself and pulled Rashida into a stall. Rashida scolded me and handed me a gold headpiece and a dress when i came out she squealed and pushed me into the private tent. The rest was a boring blur, but after like 4 hours I was able to leave and on the outside of the temple Ammit was sleeping I picked him up and continued to walk home. When I  got to my palace doors I opened them and saw dear old dad staring me down on his throne. He beckoned me forward and told me “ Rania dear, get that mutt away from me and stay in your room until supper!” I nodded and walked to my room. I put Ammit in his mini fortress, and flopped on my bed. I then heard a knock, I checked my door but no one was there. I flopped back and heard another knock ,I looked around and found Ubaid at my window telling me to open it. I opened my window and he tumbled in, then almost out of nowhere Rashida and her brother, Dakarai  tumbled after him. With an astonished look, I hugged Ammit, but then astonishment turned to happiness. I hugged Dakarai and Rashida. I had a question right away when Dakarai came, but as if she was reading my mind Rashida said “ his name means happy by the way.”  I looked at Rashida and silently said thank you. I was already thankful to Rashida for everything for everything from teaching me Egyptian ,to learning how to be a princess. Suddenly there was a knock, everyone hid under my bed and on top of the headboard. I was puzzled then understood, I straightened my gown and opened the door to see my maid, Skylar. She has told me countless times that it means scholar, but I think it means the sky. I followed Skylar to the dining room and sat down, my father came in and sat down. I never liked any place in the palace except my room, this room was no exception, it had the smell of rotten food and death. I hated it. Skylar handed me a platter   of sandwiches and dad said “ Dearest you will continue the schedule tomorrow ,and this time take this with you.” He handed me a cow whip, stood up and went to bed. I sat there, amazed,after about 15 seconds I went to my room. I opened my door slowly and said “Fly the coop.” Those were the code words for ,,i’m back.  Dakarai was the first out and Rashida was the last. The twins hugged me and Dakarai said “Ash and I have to head home to take care Quibilah. She really is the most peaceful thing in my life and I don’t want to lose her. See ya Rania!” With that, he jumped out the window with Rashida. I just sat there looking at Ubaid, and he sat there looking at me. He finally said “ I can’t wait to see you tomorrow Rani.” He also jumped out and closed the window behind him. I flopped and my bed and silently sighed. Then the darkness covered me and I fell asleep. When I woke up I expected a surprise from my bed, there was silence and loneliness. I sighed and dressed myself in a pizza T-shirt and jeans, I dragged my feet out of the castle and into the slave camp. I reached the camp in almost an hour, and went into my tent and put my backpack on my chair and sat at my desk. When I almost finished my paperwork for a new shipment of slaves that were coming. Ubaid, Dakarai, Rashida, and Quibilah came into my tent and they all said “We were looking for something that belonged to Quibilah she lost it in a game of tag, can you be a dear and go outside to look?” I said “ sure guys anything for little Quibilah!” I walked out of my tent to the bathrooms for bathroom purposes and I silently asked myself “ how could my own “friends” not remember this special day?” When I got out the bathroom I went back to my tent expecting my friends gone, but there were my friends standing there holding a cake standing in front of a banner reading Happy Birthday Rania!! I was so astonished, I cried. When my friends came to hug me I embraced them tightly when I wiped up all my tears I said “ Thank you guys so much I thought pretty much everyone forgot my birthday.I even was sad my own father forgot, it was so frustrating you don’t even know the half of it!!.” Rashida came up with Quibilah and handed me a medium sized box that could hold about 100 nice pairs of earrings comfortably. I opened it and looked in awe, it was a little jewelry box in the shape of a cat, i knew in Egyptian culture that it was the cat goddess Bast. After a few minutes of eating cake Ubaid handed me his gift, I opened it and saw inside a small necklace with a charm attached and a box full of kohl eyeliner and more beauty materials. I observed them and I saw that they all had the initials RDN ,I blushed and stored the gifts in my bag and took another bite of cake . After the ,mini party we left and went to the palace. I ran inside to get Ammit and saw a young man in kohl before he saw me dove behind a pot after waiting forever I went to my room grabbed Ammit and went out the door. My friends were yelling at the guards to get out the way before i intervened I saw one of the guards hit Ubaid in the eye and gave him a black eye. I was infuriated so much that I punched the guard, after he fell to the ground I spat on him and Ammit bit his arm. Before he rose I picked up Ammit and the both of us headed to the stadium. I assumed after the trouble Ubaid went to the slave camps and Rashida went home along with her brother and sister. When I reached the stadium I saw them all sitting in the bleachers, out of nowhere spears were being hurled at me and into the dirt. I looked around cautiously for the attacker, but I saw nothing. I looked closer and saw my teacher tied up. I quickly grabbed my dagger and aimed for the heart of Sabra. I hoped my aim was true and I hurled it. A thunk sounded and falling could be heard. I opened my eyes and saw my teacher smiling. I was puzzled ,but i noticed that in the direction of the thrown objects there was a broken machine. I was so embarrassed  I told Sabra “Was this a test, if it was you should have told me so I could study!” Sabra smiled and said “Life is full of surprises and you need to prepared for those surprises.” I saw all of my friends  watching in the stands, and I felt determined to please them. After practice I was so exhausted and my friends promised me some space, so I walked home alone and next thing I know my dad was standing in front of me in the throne room. I gulped and he finally yelled “Go to your room!” I ran up to my room and fell to my bed, with Ammit ontop of my stomach. Exhausted I collapsed and didn’t make a sound. Everything went black.


Sarah Xander