Murder Mystery Chapter 2: 10+

It was Emma! She was screaming and shouting, she found  something. Juli went downstairs to find Emma was holding a knife with blood splattered all of it. Juli jumped back and then looked at Emma like she was the one who spilled Sam’s blood all over the knife. Emma said “I found this knife at the bottom of the stairs and picked it up, but Juli i have a question why do you not have any phones in this house!” Juli looked confused then said “My uncle and aunt don’t like this century so they have no technology in this house.” Emma believed this at first and realized something she said “ Then why did your aunt and uncle have cell phones, and a freaking jet!!” Juli now looking confused ,then shrugged it off and walked off. Emma looked troubled but also shrugged it off and went to join her sister, Rose. After a few seconds, Emma turned back and grabbed the knife, after a few minutes of studying the knife she stuffed it in a bag and took it to her bedroom. When she got inside she stuffed it in a box she called “The Box Of Secrets”, she carried it everywhere with her so this was no exception. Rose walked into the room she looked really  tired and said “What are you doing with that box, sis you can’t be having that box 24/7 you need to stop pulling that out for the rest of the day!” Emma paled and shoved the box under her bed ,swiftly walked out of the room ,and slammed the door. Rose sighed and gently fell asleep in her bed. Emma came downstairs and saw everybody sitting next to each other on the couch, despite everyone saw a dead corpse in the same morning they were rather calm. Emma sat down next to Chris and asked him “Where is Liam?” Juli flinched when she heard the name Liam, Emma saw her but thought is was because she remembered so

mething. Chris replied “He’s in the basement, can you please get me a soda, bye.” When Emma left Juli asked Eva what do you want to do,just then the two dogs started barking. Juli said “ i’m coming Wolfie, Rocky!!” Chris asked “What kind of names are Wolfie and Rocky?” Juli exclaimed to him “ What? You want me to name them Chris and Chris Jr.?” Chris shut up and blushed, and Juli took her dogs on a walk with Emma. While they were gone they talked about her dogs and why they thought they were scary. Out of nowhere Liam came out of the basement. He came out, tear marks all over his cheeks and droplets on his shirt. Everyone new he was still  thinking about  what happened to Sam.When he turned and reached the couch, he asked slowly “Can you guys give me some money for stuff,at the mini-mart around the corner?” All of the guys thought that was strange, but they quickly remembered that Liam had lost a close friend ,almost a brother. They all huddled in a group and whispered to each other, when the huddle was done they broke up and scattered. Chris nodded and handed him $6 and three quarters. Liam grinned snatched up the money and was halfway to the door when Chris stopped and said “You will not buy something crazy, or spend all of the money promise?” Liam nodded and said “I promise not to, Chris!” Chris nodded and he zipped out the door and to the mini-mart. When he got out it was pitch black, but he continued. Once he arrived at the mini-mart he bought some chips ,a six pack of soda, earplugs, and piece of pizza ,itunes gift card ,and a  notebook and pencil kit. He looked towards the cashier with anxiety in his eyes she finally said “That will be $6.51 sir!” He breathed a sigh of relief and handed her the cash and his three quarters, she then gave him 2.00 back and said with a soft look “good luck dearie your friend would’ve been proud on how strong you have handled his death.” He walked out and was puzzled about how she knew. He then saw a shadow and a pair of glowing eyes with a low growl.

Sarah Xander