Welcome to Neverland JK

Welcome To NEVERLAND! (JK)

By: Shiri Shisgal

(portal opens and I jump out)

“Oh. Hello!” The queen says. (whispering to thing next to her) “We weren’t expecting any visitors.”

(thing next to her just shrugs)

(still whispering) “(Sigh) Nevermind”

(not whispering) “Welcome, newcomer! You’re probably thinking, You’re not normal. Well honey, nothing about me is normal. Nothing about here is normal. I am paranormal, you could say, we all are.” (gestures to everything around her) “And I don’t know why I’m telling you this because well I’m breaking every rule I ever made, but I feel I can trust you. Can I? If you said no, leave immediately and pretend like this doesn’t exist. If you said yes, then welcome to my world. A world of witches, warlocks, and wizards. A world of trolls, goblins, and fairies. A world of giants, talking animals, and mythical creatures. But most importantly, a world of Magic.”

“Now, you’re probably wondering, What are you? Well to answer your question, I am part witch, part fairy, part giant, part talking animal, part mythical creature and much more. So basically, I’m part everything. You could call me a (deep breath), witchanimalmuchgiantcreaturemoretalkingfairymythicaland. Was that all? Wait… (counting on fingers) Yeah, I think it was.”

“Anyway, I am very powerful. Another question you might have, What kinds of powers? Well to answer another question, I can fly, I can shapeshift, I can move things with my mind (telekinesis), I can make things grow/shrink (including plants), I can… well, that’s pretty much it… Ooh. Ooh, ooh, ooh. I can make people, and animals, and things, bow at my will (not telekinesis). For I am, Queen of the Enchanted Forest. Yes, I know the name is so original and creative, I came up with it.”

“Did not!” (random goblin walking in background)

“Yes I did. Send him to the dungeons!”

“Okay, okay you came up with it.” Random goblin says.

“Wonderful! So glad you came to your senses. Release him.”

(Goblin runs before she changes her mind)

“So, now you have two options. You can join us here and never go back. Or you can DIE! Your choice.”

“Isn’t there always a third option” I said.

“What? No! Since when!” She screamed.

“Yeah. When confronted at the crossroads you can go left, right, or, third option, back.” I explained.

“Oh. Ok. But at this crossroad, you only have two. So choose, left, or right?”

“I choose…”

“Yes, yes!?!”

“Back.” (I opened a portal back to my world) “Bye!”

“No! Throw him in the dungeons!”

“See ya!”


The End

Sarah Xander