By Kyle Russell


It was an average day in Summerville, just ask me, Bailey Thompson.

It was a same old day that went as usual, wake up, eat, go to school, go home, work on homework, and go to sleep.

When I started to walk home from school something hurtled out from the sky, it looked like a huge planet, I gasped, it was Earth.

We had escaped from Earth to Mars 300 years ago.

I felt a tremendous amount of heat, then I felt nothing at all.

I was not dead, just knocked out from the heat, when I woke up there was a stab of panic in my heart when I saw my house on fire, the Earth must have caused a fire to start.

Just then I felt the ground shake, when I looked sideways I saw the moon hitting the side of the town, not a lot of the moon, just a sliver.

Even though it was a small amount, It was still enough to cause extreme damage.

Then all of a sudden I was knocked to the ground because of the heat.

Everything went dark, when I woke up again I saw Mars being destroyed.

Everything went dark, I did not wake up.

Sarah Xander