My Son is a Psychic Riddle

It's hard being a mother. I recently found out that my son is psychic. He's got this habit of pointing at people's faces sometimes. My husband and I realized that whenever he points at someone like that they are going to die in 3 days. Last year he pointed at his grandfather. 3 days later his grandfather died of a heart attack. A few months ago, he pointed at a picture of a famous actor in a magazine. Three days later she died in a car accident. Today when I went to turn on the tv, my son was pointing at the screen. When I turned it on, the president was giving a speech. I can't believe the president is going to die, but my son is always right.

Can you solve the riddle? Think about this horror story for a minute. The answer is bellow.


The son is the cause of death. He is not physic. He is causing these deaths.

Sarah Xander