Murder Mystery Chapter One: 10+

Chapter 1

         It was a hot summer day in Arizona, it was so hot that the citizens of Arizona could feel the heat of the burning asphalt. All the children were playing in their pools because the ground was so hot and dry, that even the pools melted inside. The state of arizona was still happy , and joy was spreading around despite the hot weather. This hot weather was unknown to everyone. This was the greatest mystery of all time. This would soon be all over the news within a matter of time.

Juli was an 11 year old girl , she was quirky and had a lot of friends at school. She loved to do robotics and even won an international title of best programmer. The only catch was she lost her parents and had to live with her wealthy aunt and uncle in a mansion on the hill. They gave her anything she could ever dream of having. They even gave her a therapist to consult her feelings  even though she said she didn’t need it .  Ever since her parents died she’s had some trouble , but doesn’t like to show her feelings. She always went to the ocean and swam with all the fish. She started to not enjoy getting everything she wanted.

On her way to school  she said ¨Eva , what do you think we’re going to learn today?” I brought my own robot today maybe we can program it together during robotics!”  I’m so glad that we aren’t going outside today.  It is soooooooo hot!” During 1st period Juli had music so after first period she was talking to her friends and she learned they needed a study group and she thought  aloud ¨ Maybe I could host a study group for the music assignment! Guys , meet me at outside so we could ride the bus to my mansion.”

After school, the girls arrived first, they saw that Julie's aunt and uncle were leaving via their private jet.  The other girls stayed outside ‘till the boys arrived and they told them “We just saw Mrs. and Mr. Smith leaving by their private jet.” They knocked on the door and Juli answered, she was beaming When she opened the door, a smile all the way to her eyes and said , “ Welcome guys I have some brownies  that my aunt and uncle made, they are absolutely delicious and they are peanut and allergen free you must try them.”  Before they went in the kitchen,  Juli’s friends smelled a horrible smell emitting from the kitchen.  Then they went inside the kitchen. Juli served out a glob of brown liquid that was very unappetizing. Everybody took a bite of the liquid then they gagged and spit it out. Juli was excited to see how her friends liked it, and she asked “How was it!” Since her friends didn’t want to insult her family’s cooking, they said “it was great!” They said it with such joy they practically had halos, even though they suspected Juli made those brownies.

After studying, her friends asked, “ What should we do now?” Juli knew her friends wanted the weekend to do a sleepover. Juli directed each of her friends to their room.  “ Eva you can stay with me. Don’t tell anyone, but you are are my favorite.”  “Thanks Juli, I feel honored.” which she said in a somewhat sarcastic voice.  “Come on guys!”  “Emma you and Rose can share a room across the hall.” Juli said.  Rose rolled her eyes, she hated Emma,  they didn’t exactly have best history.It all started in Kindergarten when they were playing on the playground.  

They both remembered the day very clearly.  They were playing on the jungle gym and Emma was showing off all her cool tricks.  Rose got extremely jealous and was trying to do those tricks too.  Rose ended up falling off the jungle gym, hitting Emma’s leg and Emma fell off, breaking her arm. Emma always thought Rose was always trying to sabotage her from that day on.   

“Sam, you can stay in the room at the in basement with Liam since everybody agreed you need to be in a secure place.”

Eva roomed with Juli , because she frequently came over and so Juli  split her room in ‘half, of it the bigger side. Which was hers.  Since the school was fixing some termite problems the friends had 10 days. Emma and Olivia were the best of friends so Juli gave them the same room. Rose, Crystal, and Chris have the same room. Then Liam and Jacob had the same room mad. They were all passionate about something like ,Emma loved making clothes and loved fashion. Olivia and Jacob loved sports that involved being outdoors. Liam and Sam loved playing pranks and being mischievous around the school and occasionally would get on Crystal’s last nerve. Rose loves making or looking at art. Chris liked Juli so occasionally he would go out of his way to do what Juli liked and to him some parts  were calm , but the rest of the time it made him feel like he was dying. Chris’s real passion was music though.

                    Everybody started silently realizing that they should play truth or dare. Eva asked Emma truth or dare Emma said “truth!”  Eva asked Emma “Do you like someone in this very group?” Emma blushed a tomato color and said “yes.” Eva said “Ooooo, who?” Emma said that was one question, EVA!”  Jacob said i’m no CHICKEN! DARE ME!!  Juli said, “I dare you to lock yourself in the freezer for five minutes. “ Jacob said “WAIT TILL I GET OUT I’M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!” Everyone took a step back into the livingroom. It has been 4 minutes and Jacobs dare has almost ended. Chris said i’ll go next to choose his dare. Jacob said “your dare is to sleep on Juli’s dog bed. WAIT did you know that Juli has a Wolfdog and a Husky! This will be so much fun.” Chris’s face drained of all color and he started whimpering saying “Does her dogs sleep in their bed at night or do her dogs sleep somewhere else?” Juli said “ They sleep in the daytime and guard my room at night.” Chris immediately gained his color back knowing he wouldn't have meet the dogs. “ Emma and Rose’s eyes immediately widened and they said in awe “You have doggies, Do you have anymore!” Juli said “you’ll just have to see.”

Everybody went to bed, Juli heard a noise and saw her dogs but then she heard the same creaking noise and went out to the hallway.   She saw one of her friends creeping around, it was Sam and Liam they were carrying something that looked like a dagger in their hands. They were  going to Rose’s room, Juli peeked in and saw Rose getting out of bed she was holding a bat. Juli ran in her room and grabbed her dogs immediately pulling them under the bed. Before she went under the bed she two shrieks. Then she saw Rose walking around with red hands, then she went to her room and Juli fell out too sleepy to hear her dogs lapping up the red monstrosity known as blood, or to hear the dragging of a bat.

In the morning Juli woke up and saw her dog Wolfie growling at Chris. Apparently she found out about the dare and wasn't that happy about it. Chris was shaking so badly Juli though there was an earthquake.Juli helped Chris get up and Wolfie comfortably went to sleep in the bed. On the way down stairs they heard Jacob screaming , they ran down the stairs and  Jacob head to toe lobster red. “I’m so sorry Jacob I didn’t know you were still in there!” Rose said. Juli  pieced together that Rose must have turned on the oven while Jacob was there. Juli laughed and said “ How about you let me make breakfast so  we don’t have Jacob on a plate.”  Everybody started to wake up and then there was a horrible screaming noise coming from upstairs. They all ran upstairs to find Sam's dead body and the dogs growling and gnashing their teeth at everybody.They were scared so they ran down the stairs to the phone.  Juli looked horrified at the dead body, Rose looked like she had seen a ghost, and Jacob already ran downstairs to puke. Juli ran into her room and she prayed. There was another scream downstairs.

Sarah Xander