World Records in Sports

By: Jaden Chesse

World Records are very hard to break. The owners of World Record have Trained hard to get World Records. Today we are gonna talk about the Top 10 Best World Records 10. Most Wins by an NBA Team. The Chicago Bulls have this one with a 72-10 Season! That is an Unbreakable World Record 9. Most Grand Slams in One Inning. Fernando Tatis set a record of 2 GRAND SLAMS in One Inning. This Player for sure has a unbreakable World Record. 8. Most Super Bowl Rings/Wins. The Pittsburgh Steelers have 6 Super Bowl Wins. This record can be broke by any team during any season... 7. Highest Hitting Streak In MLB. Joe Dimaggio set a amazing record of 56 hitting streak! 56 Baseballs came at him and he hit all of those without missing any. 6. Fastest 100 Meter Dash. Usain Bolt owns this record with 9.63 seconds! He at least ran more than 10 Meters a second! Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive! 5. Most Goals in a Calendar Year. Pele takes this one! He is a retired soccer player who was a Legend back in his prime! 127 Goals in 1 Year! That’s how a professional Soccer player who was the best back in his day did 127 goals in 365 days! 4. Most Red Cards in a Soccer Game. 36! That’s an insane amount set by Damian Rubino, Referee. Getting A Red card isn’t that hard but 36 is about a full team and half of the other team. 3. Worlds Longest Tennis Game. John Isner and Nicolas Mahut has set a stupidly long world record of 11 hours and 5 minutes long! Basically they had a long day at work! 2. Most Nascar Wins. 200 Victory’s to Richard Perry! He came from a long way to get these wins. He started with 1 and worked his way up! Incredible record set by Richard Perry!. 1. Most Career Receiving Yards. Jerry Rice played since 1985-2004 ans has gotten a total of 22,895 receiving yards! Pretty amazing to see a professional football play to get more than 22,000 yards!

Sarah Xander