NFL Update


Upcoming games for the Conference Championships Sun, 1/21 3:05 PM Jacksonville Jaguars/ New England Patriots Sun, 1/21 6:40 PM Philadelphia Eagles/ Minnesota Vikings Both of these games will be to close for comfort. Each team has had an amazing season including the Jaguars who clinched the Wild Card and destroyed the Steelers 45/42 which made an awesome Game! The Vikings had a close game with the Saints! Case Keenum made a throw last minute to Diggs who got a touchdown in the last second to win by 5 points! The team was very shocked at what happen! The Eagles and Falcons game was another close! Each team got a field goal to start of then the Falcons got a touchdown…. The eagles recover and get a touchdown! The really good part is at the end of the 4th quarter! The Falcons were at the ten yard zone and needed to get to the zone of the touchdown! The eagles intercept and keep taking knees to waste time! Final score was 15-10! The game between the New England Patriots and the Tennessee titans wasn’t even close the patriots won by 21 points with a score of 35/14. The titans started out with 7-0 in the first quarter but in the second the patriots gained 21 points and the titans had none in the third quarter the patriots had gained 7 points and the titans gained none in the final quarter. Our Predictions for The Upcoming Games Reporter #1 Reporter #2 Predictions Predictions ` 14-13 Eagles Eagles VS Vikings 21 - 19 vikings 21-22 Jaguars Patriots VS Jaguars 22- 15 patriots

By: Kaleb Anderson and Jaden Chesse

Sarah Xander