Missing Persons Case: Jayme Closs

By: Ava Nelson

Hey Galileo, it’s Ava. I’m here to talk about a Missing Persons case, a girl by the name of Jayme Closs.

Now this article will mention murder so if you are uncomfortable, or you know your parents wouldn’t want you reading about it, then feel free not to read this article. I’m just writing this to promote awareness to this poor girl and keep everyone informed. If there are any updates, I’ll make sure to post them.

Here what we know so far.

Jayme Closs’ parents were killed Monday morning around 12:30- 1 am area. Once police arrived to the scene, Jayme was missing, nowhere to be found. It’s 4 days later and her location is still unknown to the police and FBI. They enlisted 100 volunteers to help look for her yet they have come up with no responses. They have now made this search nationwide. They still believe she is alive and are asking for tips on her whereabouts. So far they have received 800 tips, but none of them have helped find her. If you have any information on Jayme Closs please call the tip line 1-855-744-3879. Jayme is near 5ft tall and weighs 100 pounds. She has green eyes and blond/ strawberry blonde hair. She is 13 years old. Any information can help please call the tip line. She may not be down in Florida yet but if you have connections in Wisconsin then that's one way you can help.

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