Which Color Are You? Quiz

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1.In a war would you...

A.Rush into war

B.Stay back and formulate a plan

C.Stay calm and follow orders

D.Help encourage your teammates

2.Which would you rather do?

A.Go skydiving

B.Read a book

C.Grow a garden

D.Volunteer and bring happiness

3.Which is your favorite?





4.If you see someone that is upset how would you help?

A.Yell at them and tell them to pull themselves together

B.See if you can find some way to help

C.Think of something to take their mind off of it

D.offer to let them talk about what is upsetting them

5.if you have to build something in a set amount of time would you...

A.Skip the instructions and build

B.Read the instructions, thinking about each instruction as you go

C.Read the instructions, doing each step as you read it

D.Try to find tricks and share them with other people

6.which role would you have in a team project?




D.Whatever my teammates need

7.If you had to rate a teammate after a project, how would you do it?

A.Just do it

B.Ask people who saw the project what the teammate should be given

C.Ask your teammate then combine it with your opinion

D.Ask what they want to be given

8.A project is due tomorrow, what do you do?

A.Try your best and hope its good

B.See if there is anything you can skip

C.Ask for a bit more time

D.Encourage yourself to keep going

9.You have a paper due in a week, what do you first do?

A.Power through it as soon as you get it

B.Research and make a plan first

C.Do something else while you think about it

D.Help someone else do it before you do it

10.Pick a Feeling






Red: Usually associated with energy, anger, and strength as well as love and passion. Majority A

Blue: The color of the ocean. Usually associated with truth, wisdom, confidence, and loyalty. Majority B

Green: The color of nature. Usually associated with growth, harmony, and freshness. Majority C

Yellow: The color of joy, happiness, and intellect. Majority D

Color descriptions in more depth: http://www.color-wheel-pro.com/color-meaning.html

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