12 Cute Photo Poses For Your Next Instagram Photo Using Props

Majority of the time in photos we must have a cute pose and its usually without a prop. Props make your hands not look like they are just sitting there and could really change the photo depending on the prop you use. I’ve found the best props to hold for a photo that are probably laying around your house and look really stunning.

1. Take a Picture With a Lollipop In Your Hand

2. Hold a Set of String Lights


3. Hold a Starbucks Drink


4. Take a Selfie with Your Phone Showing


5. Use a Bouquet of Your Favorite Flowers


6. Hold a Tea Cup


7. Take a Picture On a Bike


8. Hold a Purse Your Obsessed With Right Now

9. Read a Book and Take a Photo of It

10. Hold a Pair of Sunglasses


11. Hold Some Balloons


12. Use Your Professional Camera


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Sarah Xander