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This website is dedicated to bringing you up-to-date, unbiased, fully researched content, original articles that can appeal to a broad spectrum of people! Our writers are incredibly passionate and interested in what they write and always deliver the best for the best. We always ensure that anything written was to the best and fullest extent. If your new, here are a couple sections we recommend you can check out or just click around!


Writers Corner

The Writers Corner is a section where many types of texts are written by authors. They cover all types of genres, but they're preferred type is fiction. Check out super creative and original stories by our Galileo Writers here!


This section is filled with fashion trends, predictions, inspiration, opinions, fashion ideas, the do's and don'ts of fashion, our favorite apparel, how to pull off apparel that is often ignored by most people--and more on everything and anything fashion. From boots to cardigans to even purses or coats, and even patterns, textures- like we said before, we cover everything and anything fashion weekly and sometimes even daily.




Welcome to the new photography section full of everything you want to know about photography. We cover everything from our must-have filters, editing apps, ways to better your photography, secret photography and editing tips, and much more.