12 Things Everyone Loves About Fall

Whether it’s traditional or modern, we all love different parts of fall. From pumpkins to the pumpkin spice lattes, there is so much to love about the season of colored leaves. I’ve listed a bunch of things to love about fall to get you in that fall spirit.



Even though pumpkins are supposed to be scary, they are actually really cute. I like them because of their bright orange color

and even if you mess up it wouldn’t look bad because the pumpkin is supposed to be scary anyways.

Fall Clothing


Fall clothing is the best only because it’s not winter yet so you can still wear your cute summer tees, but you’d just have to wear

a cardigan or coat along which I don’t mind.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes


This warm toasty drink has the actually tastes of real pumpkin, and not the artificial kind. It’s been one of the most popular fall drinks for

a while now.

Baking a Pie


Baking a hot, homemade pie is really a fun fall activity to partake. It’s really exciting to cook a dessert others than cookies for a change, and it’s

the best season to get pumpkins to make delicious pumpkin pie.

Dunkin Donuts Halloween Donuts


Every year, Dunkin Donuts always changes their Halloween donuts up and they ARE SO GOOD. I’ve had a spider web one before and it

had cream cheese frosting in it and it was really good. I believe they only put cream cheese filling in seasonal donuts which I much prefer over the boston creme donuts,

which aren’t bad, but having something new for a change is refreshing.

Staying Inside The House


Believe it or not, I’m usually outside a lot during spring and summer, so staying inside for long periods of time is a weird change for me, at first.

Now, I gotten used to it and I actually like spending time inside by reading a book every once and a while, and watching Halloween Movies on Netflix.



I love going to a mall during fall and checking out the Yankee Candle store there! It smells of cinnamon buns, pumpkin-all the fall scents you could ever think of is what the store smells like.

It’s like having the world’s best foods in a buffet at your fingertips; it’s a dream come true!

Bath & Body Works Fall Lotions


Fall skincare products are honestly the best skincare to get at Bath & Body Works. Getting fall skincare products there is so worth the money,

and they also have sales for their seasonal skincare products frequently so that’s a fun bonus.

Drinking Hot Chocolate


I’m not a big fan of homemade hot chocolate, but hot chocolate from Starbucks is so good. It’s my second favorite seasonal drink at Starbucks,

first being the Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’m a huge chocolate lover of anything chocolate so of course I love

Halloween Movies


Halloween movies on Netflix are the best to watch during fall. It really gets you in the fall spirit to watch a movie with your family in fall.



Life is suddenly filled with colored when the leaves fall off the trees! Leaves, to me, are an official sign that it’s fall!

Halloween Decor At Stores


Whenever I go to a decor store like Homegoods, I always see the cutest pillows with fall quotes in calligraphy or the cutest mugs in a shape of a ghost.
You can find this stuff at any store really, even Walmart has a sections full of these kinds of decor. They are nice to look at, but I would never purchase them because having fall decor that’s the price of normal room decor in your house for two months that no one sees besides the occasional guests is absurd.

Sarah Xander