Here are all former journalists on the website. We do not have any new staff as of now, only because this year (2018-2019) there is no Journalism elective.


Soumya Vatti

Soumya is a eighth grader who loves binge watching Netflix as a life. She also works in the many different sections including designing the front page and managing the Lifestyle section since she has no life. I also write those things on the bottom of an article. She has no hobbies since once again she has no life. The only hobbies she really has to eat, sleep, binge-Netflix and repeat.


Ava Nelson

Hello fellow people, I am,FRED! But my real name is Ava Nelson. I am in eighth grade and I’m the editor of the Sport’s department and the Entertainment department. I work in the short story section with my friend Delaney. We are writing a story called: The Tale of Opposites. We promise to give a captivating story that we hope you like! I’m a pretty outgoing person and very creative which, obviously is why I’m doing the short story section. I’m thinking of doing other stuff but, the short story will take up most of my time. If you have any questions about certain departments, please email the Journalism teacher Mrs. Xander!! Also, if you get the nickname reference come talk to me and my pal Ginny.


Ann Edwards

Hello! My name is Ann and I was apart of the first ever journalism team, and now (Obviously ;) I have joined this one! Right now I am working on the Enjoyment section with Lilly and Ava, but I might be doing other things as well. I love all things cat, and I have two cats at home. Also I love Harry Potter and I am a Huffleclaw! My favorite color is sky blue. I also really like illusions. I enjoy coding, and all the other techy things. Thanks for reading, and look out for me in the sea of articles! :)


Aalani Taylor

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Alea Carpenter

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Olivia Nicholson

My name is Olivia NIcholson and I am 13 years old in 8th grade at Galileo. I have four pets, two cats, and two dogs. After school, I enjoy doing competitive dance, piano, archery, robotics, and Odyssey of the Mind.


Jack Powell

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