Track & Field

Track & Field

In summary Track is where you can run, as much as you desire or participate in a field event such as Long-Jump. Make your you come and join. :) Practices are on Tuesday and Thursday and Meets are on Wednesday.


Physical Form on file/turned in Track sign up sheet

Events Running 100 Meter (1/16 Mile) 200 Meter (⅛ Mile) 400 Meter (¼ Mile) 800 Meter (Half Mile) 1600 Meter (1 Mile) Relay Race 4x4

Field Events

Long-Jump Shot Put

Event Descriptions 100 Meter -

Simple 100 meter dash 200 Meter - 100 meter dash 2x 400 Meter - 200 meter 2x 800 Meter - Half a mile dash 1600 Meter - Full mile

Relay Race 4x100-400 - the 4 in 4x100 stands for how many people and the 100-400 is how much each person must run. After you have run the amount you pass on the baton.

Long-Jump - Basically an event to see how far you jumped. There is a line where you must jump before with a sand pit. They will measure how far you got.

Shot Put - There is a circle you must stay in as you throw a 6 pound ball (6-7th grade) or a 8 pound ball (8th grade) It's more of a fluid thrust motion then a throw.


Practices Practices usually start with an easy lap around (maybe about 400 meters?) and stretching. Then we split to either do one of the running events or field events (split into groups) May switch half way through.

By: Zayan Hossain 

Sarah Xander