November Announcements Rundown

By: Soumya

Event Roundup

Fall Festival

Galileo was supposed to have the Fall Festival on November 2nd, but because of track building, the Fall Festival was cancelled untill further notice. The event will likely be in early November, or they might just not reschedule the event this year. The school website has removed the Fall Festival event from their school calender.

I BELIEVE, not a fact, since there are so many events happening in November, that they probably will just cancel the event all together.

Assembly Times

The next middle school assembly is on November 8th, which is a Thursday and the Elementary Assembly is on November 9th which is-you guessed it, a Friday.

Thankful Feast

Our next Thankful Feast is on November 16th. For people who don’t know what it is, it’s an event where volunteers prepare a feast for all the Galileo students to partake in.

School Closing

After Thanksgiving, school closes so enjoy that free time to go on vacation or to a family reunion for Thanksgiving, or if your me your decorating for Christmas…..

Another Assembly

On November 29th, we have another assembly for the Middle Schoolers and on the last day of November-you guessed it again, November 30th, Elementary Schoolers have their assembly.


  • I-ready Testing is on December 3rd

  • Support the 4H Pre-Vet Class by getting them materials on this wishlist as well as getting: kale, sweet pepper, large live crickets, alive mealworms, and alive fishing worms. Thank you.

  • No Uniform Day is here to stay starting this November! Once a month students can not wear their school uniforms, if they choose so.

  • Student Government Elections are on November 6th so we can make this school great again.

Thanks for reading our quick monthly rundown and we will be adding to it when announcements are made! We truly appreciate that you read this so thank you so much!

Sarah Xander