31 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Shelve Your White Tee

The most simplest clothing in all of fashion- the plain white t-shirt often is unworn by most people because it is boring and dull. Your white tee spends years in your closet rotting even though there are plenty of trendy, cute ways to wear it. With a little inspiration, you can wear one everyday and find that've you've totally been underestimating the power of your white tee.

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1. Make a Shirt Appropriate For Work by Wearing Some Sleek Suiting

2. Wear With a Leather Jacket and Some Snake Printed Boots

3. Wear With White Jeans and Use Accessories For Pops of Color

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4. Wear With an Oversize Coat and Platform Sneakers

5. Wear Under a Plain Dress

6. Wear With Comfy Shorts and a Kimono

7. Under a Cropped Jacket with Fringe Heels

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8. Tucked Into Jeans Layered With a Cardigan Coat

9. Cropped Tee With Black High-Waisted Jeans and Leather Shoes

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10. Tucked Into a Cute Lace Skirt

11. Worn with a Print Bomber Jacket and Jeans

12. Paired With a Leather Jacket and Long Pinstripe Pants

13. With a Pink Blazer and Sneakers

14. Under a Brown Jacket with Flats

15. Knotted With a Beachy Skirt

16. Wear With a Fringe Cardigan and Platform Sandals

17. Wear It Off The Shoulder with Baggy Denim

18. Wear with Pencil Skirt and Heels

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19. Wear Under a Bomber Jacket With Denim

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20. With a Simple Floral Skirt and Lace Up Shoes

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21. Pair With a Quilted Bomber Jacket and Correlating Hat 

22. Under a Silk Strap Dress

23. Wore With Denim Shorts and Bandana Around The Neck

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24. With an Army Jacket and Converse Sneakers

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25. Under an Overall Dress

26. Worn With Straight Leg Jeans and Ankle Strap Heels

27. With Matching Textured Separates

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28. Cropped With Blue Jeans and a Choker

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29. Tucked Into a Button Down Skirt

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30. Wear with Grey Denim and Bright Fringe Jacket

31. Worn with Midi Skirt and White Sneakers

Sarah Xander