Spring Trends You Need To Make Friends With This Season

When a new season comes, so does new clothes and trends. In the fashion world, its one of the best seasons in the world, because its time to trade in our jeans for our cute light blue jean shorts and our sweaters for off the shoulder tops. 

Since the season is coming in order to stay in style this season, you have to know the trends to stay in fashion. You need sickening outfit (sickening is a fashion slang that means it looks so good it makes you want to be sick) for the Springtime. Don't worry because I got you covered, I don't want you to be dusty (another fashion slang which means your wearing out of season fashion)

1. Denim


Spring Fashion Week showed off a lot of denim outfits, so it's no doubt that denim wouldn't make it on the list because Spring Fashion Week always predicts future fashion trends. 

2. Off The Shoulder Tops


A Spring staple in the fashion universe, off the shoulder tops have always been a spring apparel favorite for decades because of their simplicity. 

3. Fringe Wear


Just like denim, this style is also inspired by the breathtaking Spring Fashion Week. This trend caught some eyes because of its uniqueness (its very difficult to slay a full fringe outfit.) Fringe is definitely statement-making and totally a look made to flaunt in the streets.

4. Spring Dresses


Dresses have always been a cult-classic look in fashion for decades, but this year, it's been spiced up. Dresses gained much more popularity from fashion bloggers like Wendys Lookbook and other fashion icons through this seasons prints like the striped print, which is shown above. 

5. Knotted Up Skirts 

Though the knotted skirt trend only lasted for a few days after Alyssa Milano showed the skirt off in the streets, I believe this outfit really has a chance this spring to be a new trend. It's totally bold and unique, which is an requirement for any trend like the rubber trend that was yes, showed in Fashion Week.

6. Denim Shorts


Spring is here, which means it time to take out the jean shorts and if we can be real for a sec, we all love taking our jean shorts out. Shorts is my favorite bottomwear of all time because you can contrast your pink shirt with an light blue jean and it would look super cute and casual which is the look I go for.

7. Ruffle Tops


Another Spring classic apparel is the beautiful ruffle tops. Ruffle tops are best known for bringing an whole outfit together or making an outfit pop like shown above. You can effortlessly rock black leggings and boots by wearing a different colored ruffle top.

8. Long Skirts


Even though the long skirt is a Summer staple, I think the look can work in Spring as well by wearing a long blue skirt, some flats, and a simple tank top, which also has gone back into style this season.

9. Pencil Skirts


Celebrities like Blake Lively have been wearing these skirts ALL the time during the Spring, and they easily rock the look with a plain shirt or a tank top; these skirts are popular for pairing easily with any top. Bonus points if you wear a pencil skirt with a pattern.

10. Cut Out Dresses

cut out dres.jpg

I have only recently seen this type of dress, and through a magazine I was reading and I believe that if you pick an happy Spring color for that dress and just don't add anything else, the outfit would be statement-making and simplistic which is what many fashion designers believe is the best type of style.

11. Pastel Ruffle Shoes


Allure and Glamour recently predicted that these Prada's Feather Trimmed Satin Sandals which actually debuted in last year's fall Fashion Shows are the next It-shoes for Spring time. It sounds like they made a comeback. But since those boots are sold out and $500, I have looked for a dupe that works just as well, Pastel Ruffle Shoes. These cute pink shoes are effortlessly beautiful and simple like any perfect casual shoes should be. 

13. Jumpsuits

This look gained popularity in the Spring of 2015 through fashion bloggers and is still a popular look today. If your not a dress girl, than jumpsuits are just for you. There are so many ways to layer a jumpsuit; people have wore a polka dot print jumpsuit (last seasons pattern) and layered with a light leather jacket. I recommend wearing a cream jumpsuit and a cream lightweight jacket to pull off the jumpsuit look. 

14. The Sweater and Shorts Ensemble


Any girl just missing her pricey sweater, can flaunt it once more by wearing your sweater with some simple, light blue shorts. 

15. Mini Dress Wrap

mini wrap.jpg

Though this dress is mostly worn in the summertime, I really think there is a place for it in Spring. The nice dress has a cute patterned checker, its a dress, a front tie which are two parts of clothing that are spring staples in the fashion world, so why cant it be a fashion must-have.

16. Knotted Front Tee


The knotted shirt should be a spring look this season because it is a cute type of plain shirt that can work for any outfit, including jean shorts which has been the most popular type of bottomwear during Spring. 

17. Jean Jackets

jean jacket.jpg

Jean jackets effortlessly finish a bland outfit like a plain shirt and shorts and adds some color or flair to any kind of outfit. To a simple tube top and jeans to a flowy floral print dress, jean jackets can work any kind of spring outfit which makes it an essential in the springtime.

18. Playsuits


Unlike full bodysuits, which cover all the way down to your legs, playsuits must be an outfit essential in the spring. Like the ones shown above, they are simplistic, and striped (a popular spring pattern) which are two main essentials for a spring must-have outfit.

19. Bodysuit Blouse


You may have heard of bodysuits, which go all the day down to your legs, bodysuit blouses are like the tops to an bodysuit. Bodysuit blouses give off this simplistic vibes, which I love about an blouse. It's like a cuter version of a plain t-shirt. All you gotta do to complete the look of a bodysuit is some jeans and a jean jacket (add some boots for bonus points) and boom, you have a super cute outfit to flaunt in the streets.

20. Striped Print


The striped print has always been a favorite in the fashion universe. This playful print is simplistic, and colorful and with a kimono can the cute look off. 

21. Cardigans


Cardigans are one of my favorites type of kimono-ish clothing. Cardigans can finish off an simple outfit like a tube top and jeans to a long floral print dress. 

22. Loafers


Perfect outfits with a lot of print, these shoes can add some solid color to your floral shirts to balance out your outfit.

23. White Clothing

wearing white.jpg

Though white clothing was a HUGE trend in the Summer last year, I think this year it has a place in the Spring. The contemporary, yet chic look is an essential in the Springtime, and if you wear the right type of white clothing you can truly slay the look. 

24. Long Sleeve Blouses


Though most people save this look for the Winter, I think this look should be a trend this Spring. If you get a light fabric kind of blouse, you can wear this comfortable clothing piece with some dark jeans like shown above and be totally cozy this winter.

25. Pastel Purses

pastel purses.jpg

Most people often rely on accessories to make their outfit complete. Most of the time its a purse that finishes off a look and during the spring time, I see many fashion experts wearing a colorful, pastel purse on their one color outfit. These purses make an outfit pop and really does finish off a lot of outfits.

26. Boho Look


Those this look is reserved for summer, I think this style of outfits definitely should be a trend this summer. It has a cute off the shoulder top plus some spring like patterns which are some of things a spring outfit should have.

27. Belt Bags


Belt bags always come into fashion by Spring, and it's one of the best accessories to wear in the Springtime, better than purse if the color differs from the outfit.

Thanks for reading trendsetters, and I'll see you next time. For now check out my previous article listed below:

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