I've Created a Fall Lookbook So You Don’t Have to (New Style for the New Year + Poll)

By: Soumya

Hey guys! This is my 1st post of this year and what better way to kick it off then by curating a fall lookbook. I’ve made minor changes to the way I write these articles and I need your help to make even more beneficial changes. I’ve added a poll at the end of this article which asks about whether or not you would like adding a few features into the articles.

  1. Wear a Orange Topcoat, White Tee, and Orange Shorts

2. Wear a Pullover and Jeans


3. Wear a Striped Sweater and Light Blue Jeans


4. Wear a Burgundy-Colored Dress and Knit Cardigan


5. Light Brown Off the Shoulder Knit Top and Jeans


6. Wear a Autumn Colored Sweatshirt, a Brown Scarf, and Jeans


7. Use Your Plain White Tee from Summer and Add a Cardigan To It Along With Leggings


8. Take Out Your Old Summer Dress and Add a Knit Cardigan To It


9. Wear a Graphic Tee, Cardigan, and Jeans


10. Wear a Jean Jacket, Graphic Tee, and Jeans


Thank you guys for reading! I really appreciate that you guys read or even clicked this article because it shows how interested you are in the particular article. I have a poll below that asks about adding or taking away certain parts of the format of this article below and I would like if you guys filled it out. It would help me make reading my articles more interesting to you guys! I got really creative with the ideas so I hope you vote.

Sarah Xander