33 Ways To Rock Stripes For the Summer

From florals to pinstripes, there are so many trendy and always in-style prints for summer but the one print that always is instyle has to be the striped print. It's classic style has been around for decades and it works with pretty much anything. You can wear a plain tee with some stripes and look like a total queen. The point is that stripes are everything this summer which is why I've rounded up my favorite ways to wear and slay this summer. 

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1. Basic Tee, Denim Jacket, with Striped Pants

2. Long Sleeved Striped Top with Denim Shorts

3. Tank with Striped Skirt

4. Blazer, Grey Top, and Jeans

5. Black and White Tank with Jeans

6. Red and White Tee with Shorts

7. Pastel Striped Top with Denim Jeans

8. White tee with Striped Overalls

9. Long, Flowy White and Black Striped Top with Jeans

10. Ruffle Hem Top with Jeans 

11. Pink Stripe Strap Dress with Plain White Cardigan

12. Wear a Blue Tie Wrap Dress

13. Thick Pink and White Striped T-shirt and Grey Pants

14. Denim Jacket Over Striped Jumpsuit

15. Neutral Striped Dress with Gauze Top Tied Around

16. Pink and White Long Sleeved Tie Top

17. Blue and White Thin Striped Ruffle Top

18. White with Red Striped Top with Denim Shorts

19. Camisole Over Denim Jacket and Blue and White Striped Pants

20. Orange and White Striped Jumpsuit

21. Red and White Striped Jumpsuits

22. Pink, Orange, and Thin Brown Shirt and Plain Pants

23. Thick Pink Cami with Grey and White Striped Tie Pants

24. Grey and White Long Sleeved Button Up Shirt with Blue Pants

25. White and Grey Long Sleeve Shirt with Trimmed Elastic White Shorts

26. Off the Shoulder Blue and White Striped Dress

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27. Scalloped Camisole with Black and White Striped Pants

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28. Blue and White Striped Jumpsuits

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29. Black and White Long Sleeved Shirt with Distressed Denim Pants

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30. Green Striped Mini Dress

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31. Cute Striped Summer Dress 

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32. Green Tied Striped Shirt with White Denim Pants

33. Blue and White Striped Flounce Dress 

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Sarah Xander