23 Summer Outfits That'll Make Everyone's Head Turn

Let's be honest for a second- you don't want to wear the same type of outfit every day for the whole summer. What I'm referring to is how most people settle for tees and shorts during the summertime. There are so many chic and trendy outfits to consider, from the black shirt tucked into a nude pencil skirt to wearing bell sleeves, like I said before there are so many fresh and creative outfits for summer. You won't regret these 20 summer outfits that'll make your friends start complimenting your "new look."

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1. Long Blazer with a White Shirt and Skirt

2. White Grid Blouse with Black Pants

3. Black Shirt Tucked Into (Nude) Pencil Skirt

4. Wear a Nice Light Knit Sweater and Black Pants

5. Wear an Off The Shoulder Bow Top

6. Uniquely Printed Shirt with a V-Neck Tank Top

7. Knit Sweater with Plaid Skirt

8. Biker Jacket Under Dress

9.  A Knit Cardigan with a White Tee and Jean

10. Wear a Crop with Tights and Layer with Leather Puffer Jacket

11. Bell Sleeved Light Sweater with Jeans

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12. Tank with High Waisted Shorts

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13. Tank Dress with Cardigan

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14. Wear a Jumpsuit with a Denim Jacket

15. Cold Shoulder Top with Boyfriend Jeans

16. Wear a Red Top with a Jean Jacket

17. A Boho-Styled Printed Dress

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18. Plain Graphic Tee With Denim Shorts

19. Checkered Bottoms with a Plain Shirt and Leather Jacket

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20. Knit Cardigan with White Tee and Jeans

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21. Button Up Ruffle Sleeve Top Worn With Denim Jeans

22. White Tee, Cardigan, and Jeans

23. Babydoll Tee, Jeans, and a Straw Bag

24. Gingham Ruffle Top Worn With White Jeans

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25. White V Neck Top Worn With Long Pink Flowy Skirt

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26. Yellow Tied Top Worn With Gingham Pants

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it, it took a while to find some good outfits, and if you haven't already check out posts like this one below.

Sarah Xander