42 Ways To Make Your Basics NOT So Basic

Many of us own a lot at least some plain clothing piece whether its a top, skirt, or maybe even cami top, each person owns at least one (I own a lot) of basics. But sometimes basics are just...what's the word, basic. They can be boring to wear and sometimes not attractive at all. Luckily for you (and me) my favorite fashion bloggers have successfully managed to wear basics in new and unique ways that'll make you stand out from the crowd. Read my favorite ways to wear basics clothing so it's not basic anymore.

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1. Wear a Plain White Ruffle Dress

2. Wear a Plain White Tank Top with a Plain Yellow Skirt

3. Wear a Plain White Sweater with a Black Suede Skirt

4. Wear a Plain White Bell Sleeved Top with Black Skirt

5. Plain Pink Moto Jacket Over White Tee

6. Plain White Tank Worn With Plain Pink Jeans

7. Plain Pink Sweater Worn With Black Jeans

8. Wear a Plain Black Long Sleeved Top with Pink Pencil Skirt

9. White Plain Off the Shoulder Top with a Black Denim Skirt

10. Plain White Button Up Shirt, Black Denim Skirt, and Ankle Boots

11. White Cami and Jeans Under a Blush Cardigan

12. Wear a Black Crop With White Culottes 

13. Black Cami Worn With Blue Ruffle Wrap Dress

14. White Ruffled Top Worn With Pink Pencil Skirt

15. White Cami Worn With Black Wrap Skirt

16. White V-Neck Top Worn With Wrap Mini Skirt and Check Blazer

17. V-Neck Tank With Black Leggings

18. Simple White Tee and Jeans

19. Plain Pink Bell Sleeved Top with Black Denim Shorts

20. Plain Black Tank with White Jeans Over a Grey Knit Cardigan

21. Wear a Plain White Tank and Denim Shorts

22. Plain Nude Top With White Denim Pants

23. Plain Pink Eyelet Top with Overalls

24. Plain White Long Sleeved Tee with Pink Suede Button-Up Skirt

25. Plain Yellow Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress 

26. Plain Grey Shirt with Jeans

27. Plain White Camisole Under Pink Kimono With Denim Shorts

28. White Tee with Yellow

29. White V-Neck Top Under Denim Jacket and Dark Green Shorts

30. White Tank Under Denim Jacket and Pink Suede Skirt

31. Plain White Tee, Overalls, and Knit Cardigan

32. Peplum Tee, Denim Jacket, and White Jeans 

33. Pink Cami with Grey Striped Shorts 

34. Short Ruffle Top with Denim Shorts 

35. Heather Grey Long Sleeved Top Worn With White Shorts 

36. Babydoll Tee Worn with Denim Jeans 

37. Plain White Tee, White Knit Cardigan, and Denim Jeans 

38. Grey Knit Cardigan, White Tank Top, and Grey Track Pants 

39. Pink Camisole, White Cardigan, and Denim Pants

40. Green Camisole, Slouchy Cardigan, and Denim Pants

41. Plain Red Sweater and Denim Jeans 

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Sarah Xander