Mad Libs

Hey galileo dragons! This is a mad lib that I made and it has no theme but I might be doing holiday themed ones in the future. If you want to write on the mad lib yourself, just copy and paste it onto a google document and there you go! Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoy!

One day, _____________ (name of someone in the room) woke up one day and found his/herself

in a _____________ (a place). The room he/she was in did not have any doors. The room was a

boring _____________ (color). He/she looked around for a secret door but didn’t find any. On the

_____________ (number) day he/she were in there, one of the walls opened and a

_____________ (Creature) was slid into the small room they were in and the wall closed behind it.

This creature woke up and then got up and walked over to where it was brought through. It

started _____________ (verb ending in ing) at the wall and then suddenly it opened and

_____________ (size) hands grab it and the wall closed. He/she tried the exact same thing and it

didn’t work. Then he/she remembered how she was brought in here. He/she remembers being

carried, blindfolded, and then thrown into the room. And while he/she was being carried he/she

hear a _____________ (different creature) telling him/her to _____________ (different verb).

So /she did just that and it worked! They escaped! _____________ (Some kind of cheer)!

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