Quiz Review

By: Anthony Jurado and Ava Colley


Myers-Briggs Test-

A Myers-Briggs test is a test that tells you about which personality type you are. The Myers-Briggs test was invented by Katharine Cook Briggs with her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. Katherine Cook Briggs began to research the personality type theory after meeting Clarence Myers who would eventually become Isabel’s husband. This test tells you all about yourself by asking you question about your emotions and actions. Your result will eventually give you a personality type. The article below your result tells you what kind of person you are. After reading ( a lot) they will tell different kinds of famous people who are just like you fictional or real. 

Review average-



D.O.P.E. Test-

This is a super unique test that finds your personality through a bird, the D.O.P.E test. You answer questions about yourself to find the bird that describes you, dove, owl, peacock, and eagle. All the birds are different in their own way and you fit in one of those categories through percentages. The largest percentage is the bird you are. Find out who you are using the D.O.P.E test.


Review average-

  • 8.3/10



Playbuzz Quizzes(overall)-

The playbuzz Quizzes are the classic type quiz when you answer random questions to get a result. They are pretty good but not great. They‘re something to do when you are bored. You are not guaranteed a super accurate result but a fun experience.

Review average-

  • 6.7/10




Buzzfeed Quizzes (overall)-

Buzzfeed is known for videos, news, and a lot more, but did you know that they made quizzes? Well they do and they all take your preferences to give you a result totally different from the questions. They are the classic type of quiz.

Review average-

  • 6.5/10

Link: https://www.buzzfeed.com/quizzes?utm_term=.tnYPAblv3#.wbBD4QqLr

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